‘The Challenge’ Finalist Roasted by Co-Stars: ‘Secondhand Embarrassment’

The Challenge War of the Worlds 2

MTV The Challenge War of the Worlds 2 cast

There were a lot of big updates in “The Challenge” world in the last week, with Paramount+ announcing a global competition spinoff involving “Challenge” spinoffs in four separate countries. Since then, “Challenge” cast members past and present have been reacting to the news and one competitor’s response led to a heated war of words on social media.

“Big Brother” Paulie Calafiore was asked his thoughts on the “Challenge: CBS” spinoff and “War of the Worlds” tournament that will feature the four spinoff winners and he replied on his Instagram Story, “Mark these words. I will be the first global champion from the U.S.”

He added, “I think it’s amazing. I hope the U.S. competitors bring it because they have been severely lacking the past 3 seasons… and other countries don’t care about ‘good personalities’ they care about winning to bring honor back to the nation.”

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Paulie’s Response Was Shared on Instagram & He Was Roasted for His Comments

Paulie’s reply was saved and shared on the Instagram fan account The Challenge Shade Room, where several other stars of “The Challenge” blasted him in the comments. Hughie Maughan from “Spies, Lies and Allies” wrote, “It’s a TV show not a bloody world title for christ sake, we are all reality stars give it over.”

His “War of the Worlds” co-star Theo Campbell pointed out, “Isn’t CT technically a Global champ from the US?” in reference to CT Tamburello winning “War of the Worlds 2” with Team U.K., beating Paulie in the process.

Trishelle Canatella commented, “Secondhand embarrassment I have never seen anyone beg so hard to be on a show. It’s painful to watch.” Tyler Duckworth agreed, writing, “DRAG HER!! Challenge = Life to Paulie apparently.”

Paulie & Cara Maria Sorbello Clapped Back at Their Castmates

Paulie and his girlfriend, two-time “Challenge” champ Cara Maria Sorbello, took to the comments to slam their co-stars in response to the criticism Paulie received. Paulie commented, “Y’all really bored huh?” with an emoji crying with laughter.

Cara Maria replied to Trishelle and said, “@trishellec i see you had nothing to say in the comments about bears arrest for revenge porn. But you ran to this post to comment that THIS is painful to watch? girl. Come on now.” Cara Maria was referring to the previous post on the same fan page about an update in Stephen Bear’s upcoming trial.

Trishelle replied to Cara Maria, “Idk who Bear is but that is terrible!” Several fans took to the comments to call out Cara, saying Bear’s trial has nothing to do with Paulie’s post and its replies. Others pointed out that the post about Paulie was likely coming up in people’s newsfeed and not the post about Bear.

Cara Maria reiterated her point in the comments, writing, “The fact that this post has more cast mates triggered in the comments than in the post before it says all you need to know about people’s priorities. i am more embarrassed for them.”

Paulie clapped back at Tyler’s comment, writing, “Now I know you ain’t the same man who sought me out at Syrus’ All Star 2 event to tell me how you and your friends loved me. Yet here you are after I showed you nothing but respect? Fake as hell bro.”

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