‘The Challenge’ Champ Calls Out Sexism on the Show: ‘Hard to Watch’

The Challenge Spies Lies and Allies

MTV The Challenge Spies Lies and Allies

“The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies” is halfway through the season and viewers have finally started to see the vets having to go against each other with very few rookies left. A common sentiment among the remaining vets has been to want to target the champions if they can’t target rookies to see a new veteran win the show.

The champions on the 37th season are Ashley Mitchell with two wins, Amber Bozotra with one and Chris “CT” Tamburello as the only male champion, with four wins under his belt. After Amber’s elimination in the previous episode, only two champs remain and the 10th episode saw several cast members express their desire to put Ashley down in the Lair.

However, it seems that thus far this season, only Amber and Ashley have been targeted as threats while CT has flown under the radar, with no one plotting about how to take him out. That didn’t sit well with one two-time champion of “The Challenge” and she called out what she said was ‘blatantly clear’ sexism. Rachel Robinson, who was seen as a powerhouse female competitor in the earlier seasons of the show and won “The Gauntlet” and “The Duel II,” tweeted:

The sexism is so blatantly clear to go after [Ashley] & Amber for being champs when none of these non champs mention CT the overall most wins there by far! This show is hard to watch…way to go Ashley for standing up for yourself! Amber way to fight.

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Rachel Defended Her Position in Several Follow-Up Tweets to Fans Who Disputed Her Take on the Situation

Many fans replied to Rachel’s tweet, some agreeing with her thoughts while others countered her point, with one person commenting that Amber and Ashley have “90% less friends in the house” which is why they’re targeted over CT. Rachel disagreed, writing, “1. Not true. They actually probably have more friends if you add it up. 2. I’m not saying I want CT’s name thrown in, I’m simply saying the way the cast targets successful women time and time again by attacking their character is telling.”

Someone else said the cast members likely didn’t want to risk CT winning an elimination and coming back and going after them but Rachel replied, “You lose either way! What’s the point to make it to a final only to lose.”

One commenter pointed out that Ashley and Amber were probably targeted for bragging about winning, writing, “CT doesn’t parade around calling himself a champ. Not even in his individual testimonials. That’s all Amber and Ashley do. You can’t call yourself Millionaire Mitchel and expect not to be targeted.” Rachel replied to that person also, saying, “He could call himself millionaire CT and it wouldn’t make a difference.”

Rachel clarified that “the way they go after successful strong women’s character is hard to watch.” She continued, “I am very proud of [Amanda] & [Ashley] for standing so firm together! Great team there!”

Rachel’s Last Appearance on ‘The Challenge’ Was ‘Battle of the Exes’ in 2012 But She Hasn’t Ruled Out a Return to ‘All Stars’

Rachel is now a popular fitness instructor for her own brand, Rachel Fitness, as well as at Barrys in Miami where she works as the Director of Trainer Development and as a trainer. She lives in Miami with her wife Natalie Gee and the couple has three kids together.

The “Road Rules: Campus Crawl” alum hasn’t appeared on “The Challenge” since 2012’s “Battle of the Exes” but the return of many fan favorites and OGs on “The Challenge: All Stars” has sparked fans’ hopes that they might see the strong female competitor also return to the popular reality show.

After the first season premiered, Rachel revealed, “Yes, I was asked, and yes, I would always consider [season two], if the timing and circumstances were right,” E! News reported. Aneesa Ferreira also addressed Rachel’s return on the “Challenge Mania” podcast and said the timing hadn’t been right due to the extra week of quarantine. Luckily, it sounds like the door isn’t closed for Rachel as it’s only a matter of timing and we might see her return to the show in the future.

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