WATCH: ‘The Challenge Ride or Dies’ Super Trailer Released

The Challenge: Ride or Dies

MTV/YouTube The Challenge: Ride or Dies

The super trailer for “The Challenge: Ride or Dies” dropped on September 28 and needless to say, it was packed with exciting challenges and major hints of drama.

The glimpses shown of upcoming challenges showed many typical tests, including partners running and jumping from one moving car to another car, wrestling in a mud pit for balls, heights over water, and one involving partners jumping off a building and grabbing their partner.

The 3-minute trailer also showed that the heavy hitters will be entering the game late, with TJ Lavin announcing Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio and Nany Gonzalez as a twist, followed by Darrell Taylor and Veronica Portillo. Another late arrival will be Aneesa Ferreira paired with Jordan Wiseley, with the camera cutting to his ex-fiance Tori Deal’s shocked reaction.

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The Super Trailer Hinted at Tons of Arguments Between Cast Members & Old Allies

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The super trailer for “The Challenge” also included, naturally, some glimpses of possible arguments and fights taking place this season, with soundbites from Michele Fitzgerald, who said, “You f*** with my partner, you f*** with me.”

In another clip, cracks showed between Nany Gonzalez and her former close ally Turbo, as Nany said, “Turbo, why don’t you act like an adult and sit the f*** down.” Later in the trailer, she also told him, “you don’t know what a friendship is Turbo.” That won’t be it for Nany as she also tells Laurel Stucky, “dont shut me down when I’m trying to talk.”

There also seems to be a confrontation between Devin Walker and Michele as he accuses the “Survivor” champ of lying. Michele replies, “Devin what the f*** did I lie about?” At another point, Tori is heard saying, “we were best friends but now we are enemies,” but it’s not yet clear who she is speaking to.

There Will Also Be Hookups & Relationship Drama, Namely Between Exes Jordan & Tori

In addition to the arguing, there will also be drama involving hookups, according to the super trailer. Perhaps the most important scenes teased are those involving Tori and Jordan, who are competing on the same season for the first time since their engagement ended in November 2020. It looks as though the two will have issues, as Devin points out that “there was never really any closure” between the two of them.

Tori tells Devin, “Being with Jordan, I put my sadness on him.” In another scene, she tells Jordan, “You decided at one point in time you were done with me.” He says, “This isn’t to like, get back at you.” She then yells, “You’re a liar.”

At that point, the trailer cuts to Jordan cuddling with Nurys Mateo, Nelson Thomas’ partner. We see Tori crying as there’s a scene of two people in bed together but it’s unclear who.

It all looks like there will be possible hookups between Fessy Shafaat — described by Bananas in one soundbite as “Messy Fessy” — and Laurel Stucky. Laurel appears to be hitting it off with rookie Horacio Gutierrez Jr. as well. However, there is a conversation between Laurel and Horacio where the veteran says she thought he was single but it turns out he might not be.

“The Challenge: Ride or Dies” premieres Wednesday, October 12 at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times on MTV.

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