‘The Challenge’ Star Criticizes Cast Member: ‘I Wish I Could Trust Her’

The Challenge: Rivals II

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There were only nine episodes to the spinoff series of “The Challenge” featuring OG players, “All Stars,” but each one was packed with action and drama as contestants got reacquainted with old rivalries or made new ones. Ruthie Alcaide and Aneesa Ferreira made it no secret going into the season that they weren’t excited to see each other, but fans may be wondering where the two stand now.

While participating in a Q&A on Instagram, Ruthie was asked if Aneesa ever apologized for being a “raging b****” to her. Ruthie replied, “I wouldn’t say raging but yes we talked at the hotel after All Stars was over.” Another fan asked her if the two had made up and why Aneesa didn’t like her. Ruthie answered, according to Monsters and Critics:

Lol I feel like we are sisters off and on but I wish I could trust her. People like Yes have no idea what she has done in the past but we all learn at some point. Wish it could stay in the past but it didn’t. But I also shouldn’t care it’s how they play the game.

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Aneesa Was Also Slammed By Other Castmates Like Jisela Delgado & Beth Stolarczyk

Ruthie isn’t the first of Aneesa’s co-stars to call her out during the “All Stars” season, as Jisela Delgado and Beth Stolarczyk previously slammed Aneesa’s actions on the show. Jisela, who went onto the show with a friendship with the “Challenge” veteran, had a falling out with her after Aneesa lied to her and said she’d vote for Yes Duffy and then didn’t.

When the episode in question dropped, Jisela tweeted, “Wipe the alligator tears Annessa we aren’t the 20 year old rookies you usually play with.” She also said, “You would not throw an elimination your too thirsty for a win baby girl” and “Girl bye #fakefriend.”

Beth also slammed Aneesa after the seventh episode, when Aneesa claimed she would throw the elimination if Nehemiah Clark chose her to compete with him. Beth wrote, “Aneesa=poor sportsmanship.” The OG competitor then added, “Aneesa threatened to quit. No growth over her challenge career. #facts.”

A fan replied that Beth herself quit on “The Gauntlet II” instead of having to face Aneesa in elimination and Beth clarified, “I quit because I was getting bullied by Aneesa. She was calling me old,fat, and ugly. I was not going to give her the opportunity to put her hands on me and possibly punch me.”

Ruthie Got Into an Altercation With Nehemiah Clark That Didn’t Make the Final Edit

In addition to her drama with Aneesa, Ruthie also got into a verbal altercation with another cast member, Nehemiah, that got cut out of the final show. The “Real World: Hawaii” star said the fight came after the mini final challenge in the fifth episode when producers said that Nehemiah was cheating on her puzzle at a checkpoint.

Ruthie explained that she was shocked to find out that he was cheating since he presented himself as “mister spiritual, mister Buddha,” so she began calling him a plastic Buddha. She said she got very upset and accused Nehemiah of cheating and the fight got so heated that security was called to break them up, although they didn’t hit each other.

She said the two are now on friendly terms, although she still calls the “Real World: Austin” star a plastic Buddha as a term of affection, Ruthie joked.

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