Sarah Rice Roasts Johnny ‘Bananas’ Devenanzio on Social Media

Johnny Bananas Sarah Rice

YouTube/MTV Johnny Bananas and Sarah Rice at the final of Rivals III.

Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio took to social media to complain about American Airlines and his former “Challenge” co-star Sarah Rice ended up commenting, prompting what turned out to be a humorous exchange.

It all started when Bananas tagged American Airlines and said it wasn’t his style to “put companies on blast” but that he couldn’t stay silent any longer. “This is the 4th flight in a row that has been delayed due to crew mishaps, or mechanical issues,” he shared. “I’ve been an [Executive Platinum member] with for years, but my loyalty only goes so far (Ask Sarah). Do better or I’m gonna take my money and run.”

As “Challenge” fans know well, the final line was in reference to “Rivals III,” when he was paired with Sarah Rice. The team won the entire season but because Bananas accumulated more points than Sarah during the final, he got the option to keep all the money or split it with his partner. In a now-iconic moment, Bananas told host TJ Lavin he was going to “take the money and run.”

American Airlines responded to Johnny and thanked him for his loyalty. They advised the seven-time champ that they were working with the maintenance team to be able to take off at 4:30 p.m. Bananas replied, “And by airborne at 4:30 today you mean 8am tomorrow,” with a thumbs up emoji. However, it wasn’t the airline’s response that caught fans’ attention, but Sarah’s reply to his original tweet.

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Sarah Replied That She Was a Loyalty Member & Said She’d Never Betray the Airline

Sarah answered Bananas’ tweet to American Airlines and also tagged the airline, writing, “Hey American Airlines, Sarah here!” She added:

I would never turn my back on you, not even for a big pile of cash! Feel free to reward my loyalty with 175K bonus miles (one for each dollar someone took)…DM me for my loyalty number. I have it memorized.

Bananas Was Betrayed By Sarah Near the End of ‘Battles of the Exes II,’ Which Led to Them Being Paired Up for the Rivals Season

Johnny bananas takes all the money from Sarah2020-08-04T02:56:40Z

Bananas’ betrayal of Sarah at the finish line of “Rivals III” was a major moment in the show’s franchise and was the result of Bananas getting betrayed by Sarah right before the final of “Battle of the Exes II.” Sarah blindsided Bananas, her ally, throwing him into elimination right before the final to increase her chance of winning, which she eventually did along with her partner Jordan Wiseley.

Their following season together, “Rivals III,” the two competitors were paired up and they dominated the season. Viewers saw the pair start to rebuild their friendship throughout the episodes, but TJ’s twist at the end was too tempting for Bananas. After the finale, Sarah did not return to the show again.

She spoke about the betrayal and not returning to the show to “settle the score” in a TikTok video, explaining, “I never think of that s***. I do not care and I am grateful that all of you guys care so much and I just want to give you guys the freedom to let it go cause I have and it’s not a big deal.”

She said her life is in a great place and she’s pursued the career of her dreams. Sarah also joked that she brought home the rare gemstones they collected in the “Rivals III” final instead of a cash prize and that made her very happy.

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