‘The Challenge’ Season 37 Episode 10 Recap & Review: A Whole New Game

The Challenge Spies Lies and Allies

MTV The Challenge: Spies Lies and Allies

Episode 10 of “The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies” was a major turning point in the season as it rewrote the rules of the game completely and will likely cause major shockwaves through the house for episodes to come. The episode was described by MTV as, “TJ’s shocking twist is revealed at the ‘Diamond Dash’ mission and the players struggle to adjust the new rules. Feeling like he is a constant target, one vet attempts to make a fresh start. Amanda is reminded of her reasons for fighting for the money.”

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the 10th episode of “The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies” which aired on October 13 at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times.

During the episode, viewers learned of all the changes to the rules and format as they competed individually in a challenge, then formed three teams of three men and three women, with the winning team forming the Agency. That group then voted Priscilla Anyabu into elimination. Once in the Lair, Priscilla was given the choice of opponent and she went big, calling out Ashley Mitchell. However, the two-time champ defeated Priscilla and chose to rejoin her original team.

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The Challenge This Week Is an Exciting, Multi-Stage Competition That Sets the Scene for What’s to Come

At the beginning of the episode, there are a few conversations in the house to remind viewers of the stakes for certain players, including an emotional phone call between Amanda Garcia and her young son Avonni, as well as Priscilla opening up about her bond with her mom and how important she is in her life.

The challenge this week is “Diamond Dash” but before it begins, TJ Lavin reveals that the reality stars are “no longer competing in pairs.” Contestants have to race through the woods to the first checkpoint, where they choose one of three tasks. When they complete it, they will have to retrieve their gem and bring it to the next stage, which are three platforms that will determine who is on the three teams moving forward.

The challenge has some great moments from several of the contestants, starting with Nelson Thomas, who finishes first and arrives at the platform where he kneels and theatrically shouts, “Challenge gods! Spies, Lies and Allies!” before placing his gem on the Sapphire platform. Ed Eason’s strategy is to wait and see who joins which team before eventually choosing the Sapphire team with Nelson.

As CT Tamburello arrives, it’s great to see everyone trip over themselves to try to convince him to join, including Ed, who thinks $20 might be enough to convince the four-time champ who just took home $450,000 on “Double Agents.” We also learn that Logan Sampedro might have picked up an injury as he says he felt pain shooting up his leg on the run.

The 3 Teams Have to Complete the Challenge Together But It’s Unclear How Long They’ll Remain in These Teams

When the dust settles and all the contestants have arrived at the platforms, the teams are as follows:

  • Sapphire Team: Nelson, Ed, CT, Ashley, Amanda, Bettina Buchanan
  • Emerald Team: Josh Martinez, Devin Walker, Emanuel Neagu, Kaycee Clark, Tori Deal, Nany Gonzalez
  • Ruby Team: Cory Wharton, Emy Alupei, Priscilla, Kyle Christie, Logan and Big T Fazakerley

TJ tells them these are the teams going forward but it’s unclear if he means for the remainder of the season or just for a bit, although with the number of twists this season’s had, there will likely be more shakeups to come.

The last checkpoint requires teams to fill their counterweight and retrieve their last diamond and the Emerald team comes out with the win as TJ tells them they will be forming the new Agency and are safe from elimination. He also reveals that the upcoming elimination will be a female elimination day, meaning no more pairs eliminations.

There Are a Lot of Discussions About Who to Throw In as the Agency Are the Only Ones Voting at Nominations

The Emerald team has a meeting before nominations as they will be the only ones with the power to vote in the cast member they want to see go into the Lair, while the women from the other two teams have to plead their case. Devin says he wants to go for the strongest female from the weakest team, Priscilla on team Ruby, while Josh, a bit surprisingly, wants to go for Ashley.

Nany then chimes in and agrees with Josh that Ashley’s “f***** over” everyone in team Emerald. It’s a very surprising claim because apart from Ashley’s infamous steal on “Final Reckoning,” she’s stayed very loyal to her friends and allies but has repeatedly been labeled as sneaky. This season especially, we saw a friendship growing between Ashley, Amanda and Nany but it seems as though Nany is over the two-time champ.

One brief moment in the conversation seems to reveal the true reason they’re gunning for Ashley, which is that they’re scared to see her in a final. This is a similar theme from last season on “Double Agents” when several of the cast members gunned for champs early on, throwing in Wes Bergmann and then coming up with excuses of untrustworthiness in their confessionals.

During this segment of the episode, we learn that Logan and Big T have broken up because Logan isn’t looking for anything serious while Big T wants more. Kyle also makes it very clear he wants to switch from team Ruby to team Emerald, saying in one confessional how much he loves Ruby, adding, “Ruby for life!… God, I wish I was on team Emerald.” The Agency ends up putting in Priscilla and explain in their interviews that since the rules still aren’t clear, they don’t want to take a big shot yet.

The Elimination Is ‘Seek & Destroy’ & We Learn That the Person Voted In Has the Power to Choose Their Opponent

The elimination is called “Seek and Destroy” and involves a lot of strength and endurance to dig out tires and then use a code to place the tires in the right order. At the Lair, TJ reveals that Priscilla will be the one to choose her opponent, which puts a lot of power in her hands and makes losing teams in the challenge virtually powerless in determining either of the two elimination participants.

Priscilla makes a big move and chooses Ashley, saying if she’s going to be eliminated, she’d like to go out against a two-time champ. Ashley has a really strong performance and seems to shake her elimination demons, winning the matchup and sending Priscilla home. Many of the vets are also seen cheering for her and helping her win by calling out her color sequence.

It’s so strange to see people like Tori cheering for Ashley and helping her while they were all scheming to get her out and were just discussing how untrustworthy she is. It’s really sad to see Ashley in her post-elimination interview say how happy she is to be finally supported and encouraged by the veterans after so many seasons of being targeted while the vets in the Agency were gunning for her all episode and saying that they wanted her out. It’ll be interesting to see her reaction after the episode airs.

Hopefully, we’ll see Priscilla back on the show; despite a slow start, she showed she’s not afraid to make some big moves and provided great confessionals. Viewers then learn that the elimination winner can infiltrate any team, including the Agency, which is very exciting and will prevent one team from getting a stranglehold on the game.

Kyle has a great line when he says in his confessional, “Nice one TJ! Think I know my next move!” All in all, the episode was like watching the premiere of a whole new season, with a different format and rules and it looks like it’s setting up the second half of the season for some exciting confrontations and explosive moments. 

“The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies” airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times on MTV.

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