‘The Challenge’ Season 37 Episode 11 Recap & Review: Ruby, Ruby, Ruby

The Challenge Spies Lies and Allies

MTV CT Tamburello on 'The Challenge: Spies Lies and Allies'

This week, “The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies” saw the three new teams formed last week face-off in a heart-palpitating challenge above water and one cast member’s mistake completely changed the course of the episode. The 11th episode, titled “Mucus Plug,” saw “One player makes a devastating mistake at the ‘Satellite Sabotage’ mission that could put his team in jeopardy. A Rookie makes a bold, but questionable, game move. Two players battle for survival in the classic elimination game, ‘Pole Wrestle.’”

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the 11th episode of “The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies” which aired on October 20 at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times.

The Sapphire, Emerald and Ruby cells battled each other in the “Satellite Sabotage” challenge and despite Ruby having what seemed like the best performance, a mistake by Kyle Christie invalidated his result and gave the victory to Emerald for a second week in a row.

The Agency chose to put Ed Eason into elimination after he virtually gave them his blessing and Ed called Kyle down in the Lair. However, Kyle’s grit, experience and size advantage came back to bite Ed and the rookie was eliminated from the game. The elimination winner then made the surprising decision to infiltrate Sapphire, sending Nelson Thomas to Ruby and shaking up the teams.

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The Episode Starts With Reminders About the Teams & Some Cast Members’ Backstory

The episode starts with team Ruby discussing their morale issues and a reminder that Kyle Christie is not happy on team Ruby. Cory Wharton, in an attempt to build unity on his team, creates a bootcamp for his teammates, a great montage to the sound of Britney Spears’ “Work B****.”

Viewers then see a few different cast members during their phone calls home, which is something we don’t often see on the modern challenge anymore but it’s nice to have the reminder of what these competitors are fighting for. Ed calls his mom Tammy Eason, who appeared with him on “The Circle,” while Tula “Big T” Fazakerley has an emotional chat with her sister Nomsa.

Then we see Nelson Thomas speaking with his mother, which is interesting because he’s been on so many seasons but we’ve never seen that side of him. The final call home is between Kyle and his girlfriend Vicky Turner, who is six months pregnant at the time.

Kyle opens up about becoming a father and seeing the ultrasound and in a conversation with new mom Amanda Garcia we get the questionable episode title, “Mucus Plug.” Kyle learning about childbirth is funny to see but I think many fans will agree with Kyle that they wished to never hear about mucus plugs.

The Challenge Is an Exciting Heights-Above-Water Competition & Kyle’s Mistake Costs Ruby the Win

The challenge this week is called “Satellite Sabotage” and competitors have to jump from one arm to the next until they reach the last one, at which point they have to do a “leap of faith” and grab one of the wires hanging from it. Meanwhile, the other teams are blasting them with firehoses making everything more complicated and slippery.

Sapphire goes first and it’s a surprisingly poor showing for the team that was widely thought to be a strong one, with CT Tamburello the only player making it through. Nelson falls about halfway through while Ed fails almost immediately. Ashley Mitchell doesn’t even try and Bettina Buchanan follows her lead. Amanda at least tries but is unable to make it around.

The challenge is heading in a disappointing direction with the cast members bailing without trying but luckily, the Ruby and Emerald teams perform better. Cory and Logan Sampedro make it across, as does Kyle, but Kyle skips the leap of faith and lands on the final platform, grabbing the wire before jumping off. In his confessional, Devin Walker calls out his friend but just last week he was the one finding a loophole in the challenge.

Team Emerald manages to get two players across thanks to Devin and Kaycee Clark, the only woman to succeed in the mission. After the mission ends, TJ Lavin reveals that Kyle’s doesn’t count, so it looks like only some loopholes are acceptable in challenges and not others. That cuts the celebrations short for the underdog team as TJ then announces that Emerald’ two players got across faster than Ruby’s.

Josh Martinez, who shaded Ruby in his confessional by saying they were “celebrating like they just won the whole ‘Challenge,'” then proceeds to celebrate like he won the whole “Challenge” himself.

Ed Makes a Rookie Mistake By Virtually Volunteering Himself Into Elimination & Makes the Agency’s Decision Very Easy

At nominations, Ed says that it’s likely the Agency will vote in a rookie and since the only two options are him and Logan, he asks that they don’t put in Logan as he’s still recovering from a hamstring injury. While he doesn’t straight out tell them to vote him in, he’s basically giving them the go-ahead. It’s a very noble move but a rookie mistake, especially this late in the game.

It’s possible that Ed saw the writing on the wall and preferred to be the one voting in as then he could see what the elimination is and pick his opponent based on that, but it’s still a very risky move. Ed does end up being the one compromised and Logan talks him through his options, telling him Kyle’s strengths are in physical eliminations, Cory’s strength is his speed and that Nelson may be the easier choice.

It’s exciting to see the three teams this season after so many seasons of pairs or solo challenges but the unfortunate downside is that it seems to have put the veteran war on the backburner for now. The veterans in the Agency are able to choose just one person and it seems like they can easily continue to target the rookies without going after each other yet.

Ed Chooses Kyle in the Pole Wrestle Elimination & Gets Defeated in 2 Rounds

In the Lair, it’s clear that it will be a physical elimination in the sand and Ed tells his castmates his decision is between Kyle and Cory. Despite Logan’s advice earlier not to pick Kyle for a physical matchup, the rookie chooses Kyle and TJ tells us they’ll be facing off in a best-of-three Pole Wrestle.

Ed looks strong to begin with and is slamming Kyle down into the sand rather painfully, reminiscent of Laterrian Wallace against Ace Amerson in the first season of “The Challenge: All Stars.” However, Kyle is experienced at the elimination and weathers the storm, waiting for Ed to tire himself out and manages to beat the “Circle” star in two rounds.

Ed was a fun addition to the cast, with a funny and positive attitude to everything that came his way, and it seems as though fans really took to the rookie so hopefully we’ll see him return for another season. His departure means there are only four rookies left: Bettina, Logan, Emy Alupei and Emanuel Neagu.

Kyle then has to choose what team to return to and surprisingly doesn’t choose Emerald. The British reality star has the best line of the episode when he says his grandfather told him on his deathbed, “If you ever get the chance to leave Ruby and follow CT over at Sapphire, do it!” He takes Nelson’s spot on Sapphire and appears to make both Nelson and CT unhappy with his decision so we’ll have to tune in next week to see the fallout from that decision.

“The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies” airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times on MTV.

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