‘The Challenge’ Cast React to ‘Spies, Lies & Allies’ Episode 13: ‘How’s That for Toxic?’

The Challenge Spies Lies and Allies

MTV The Challenge Spies Lies and Allies cast

The 13th episode of “The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies,” was unlucky for one cast member as they found themselves on the wrong side of the numbers in the house. The episode, “Titanic,” featured a difficult water challenge and set off some confrontations between certain cast members that had the stars of the show reacting online.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the 13th episode of “The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies,” which aired on November 3 at 8 p.m. on MTV.

During this episode, Ruby and Sapphire once again lost out to Emerald in the mission and, as it was a male elimination day, the Agency decided to compromise Cory Wharton. At the Lair, Cory called out the only remaining male rookie, Logan Sampedro, and the two faced off in Rope Burn. Logan had a strong performance and defeated Cory in two rounds before choosing to infiltrate Kyle Christie’s place on Sapphire.

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Cast Members Reacted to the Mission & Amanda Garcia’s Place in Team Ruby

The episode started with conversations about Amanda Garcia joining team Ruby as she pointed out that none of them were very welcoming toward her. This was highlighted during the challenge, where the Ruby team got frustrated with Amanda, who they felt participated half-heartedly. Amanda eventually ended up getting into an argument with Nelson Thomas and Cory as they called her out for not taking responsibility for their loss and Amanda yelled back that Ruby was losing long before she joined the team.

On social media, Amanda reacted by writing, “Fun fact I didn’t jump for a long time cuz F*** them.” She added, “F*** you Ruby Dooby Dooooooooooo.” Amanda also shaded Emanuel Neagu’s showmance with Tori Deal, addressing his comment about Romanian kids taking pictures on top of pigs. She wrote, “Eman likes jumping on pigs MAKES SENSE LOLOLOLOL.”

The mission was called “Sunken Intelligence” and teams had to unravel a long, heavy rope knotted underwater around a sunken boat. They had to then attach one end of the rope to a chest and drag it to shore, where they could recover their diamond from inside and stop their time. The Emerald cell managed to pull out their fourth win in a row and cast members shared their thoughts about the challenge online.

There Were Also Strong Reactions to the Nominations, the Agency’s Pick & Cory’s Elimination at the Hands of Logan

At nominations, things were heated as the Agency debated between Logan and the other male competitors. They eventually chose Cory, saying he was a strong competitor who often makes it to the final. If they were going to break the veteran alliance, it’s unclear why they didn’t target CT Tamburello, who also makes it to many finals and actually wins them, but CT’s ties with the Emerald vets were likely stronger than Cory’s.

While this was airing, cast members discussed the scenes online, with Ashley saying, “I honestly feel for Cory. It’s sad we’ve came from the same shit deal with the same shit and are pitted against eachother honestly upsets me.” She also said, “I’m honestly shook. I never thought they would do that not would I want them to!!! I swear I didn’t know! But after seeing how they talk about me…..of course.”

Amanda revealed she was happy with Cory going in, writing, “Fun fact: I actually already had a convo with Josh & Devin last week saying I would throw it to keep them safe if they promised they would put in Cory bcuz I knew that would make Nelson automatically safe. SO YOURE WELCOME @_nelsonthomas. HOWS THAT FOR ‘TOXIC’ #TheChallenge37.” She added, “I also wanted Cory to put in and sent home cuz he does nothing but f*** up Nelson’s game.”

At the Lair, Cory called Logan down to face him in Rope Burn, which was a type of tug-of-war with the goal of destabilizing the opponent and making them fall off their sphere. Logan was able to out-strategize Cory and beat him in two rounds, sending the veteran home. Once again, however, the winning player chose not to infiltrate the strongest team, Emerald, as Logan took Kyle’s place on Sapphire.

“The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies” airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times on MTV.

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