‘The Challenge’ Cast React to ‘Spies, Lies & Allies’ Episode 5: ‘Stop Crying’

The Challenge Spies Lies and Allies cast

MTV 'The Challenge: Spies Lies and Allies' cast

Episode five of “The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies,” which was titled “Good Vibes and Gladiator,” saw a continuation of tensions building up in the house as the divides from last week deepened and a physical challenge gave competitors a chance to size up their partner’s strengths and weaknesses.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the fifth episode of “The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies” which aired on September 8 at 8 p.m. on MTV.

The mission this week, Mindfield, separated partners who had to both complete a muddy obstacle course and retrieve pieces until they could come together and solve the puzzle. It was a good opportunity to see which teams had two strong partners and which competitors were well-rounded.

After the mission, cast members learned that Aneesa Ferreira had to leave the game due to a shoulder injury she picked up in the challenge and she had a heartbreaking goodbye scene with Tori Deal and then her partner Logan Sampedro. Her departure set the scene for Logan to decide that he wanted to go into elimination for a chance to choose his next partner, while Emy Alupei and Gabo Szabo also expressed a desire to go in so they could leave their rookie-rookie pair.

That cut the deliberations short as the veterans all seemed happy to go along with that plan and Logan and Gabo faced off in the Higher Assets male-only elimination. Logan just managed to edge out Gabo and eliminated the Hungarian reality star before choosing Nany Gonzalez as his partner. Emy Alupei then had to pair up with Hughie Maughan as the only all-rookie team remaining.

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Cast Members Reacted to the Mission This Week & Aneesa’s Game-Ending Injury

There were a lot of discussions at the beginning of the episode about Fessy Shafaat’s decision to put Amber Borzotra into elimination the week before and as they were taking place on-screen, Fessy wrote, “[People] quick to jump to conclusions when you see a 5 sec clip on tv. Like for real.. we [don’t give a f***] what you think. We got real life friendships and if they don’t show that on tv that’s okay. We still gonna make our move accordingly on the show. It’s not our fault you don’t get to see it.”

While the mission was taking place, cast members were sharing their thoughts about on social media. Berna Canbeldek wrote, “I still got some skills hahaha first to take all these puzzle pieces come onnnnnn,” but added that math was a major challenge. After Berna and CT Tamburello were announced as the winners, recently eliminated rookie Tacha Akide congratulated the pair and shared some flame emojis on Twitter while Nelson Thomas told Berna, “You killed it.”

Berna called out Emy for getting emotional after not winning the mission, writing on social media, “Shut up Emy hahaha ahhahahahqqh.” She then added, “Lets go CT . We did it. Stop crying Emy hahaha.” It doesn’t look like her comments were taken negatively by Emy, who replied, “Cry me a river … i should make a cover of this beautiful song.” Emy also tweeted:

Tula “Big T” Fazakerley gave some behind-the-scenes information to viewers, sharing, “after we completed the daily challenge, I gave myself a full body mud mask my skin was so smooth after tbh.”

After Aneesa got injured and viewers later learned she had to be medically disqualified from the game, her co-stars shared their reactions to the news. Berna first wrote, “Damn!! I hope her shoulder is alright I hate Injuries.” When Aneesa revealed she had to leave, Tacha and Berna tweeted some heart emojis.

There Were Strong Reactions From the ‘Spies, Lies & Allies’ Stars to the Elimination & Gabo’s Departure

When TJ Lavin teased a twist that the female competitors weren’t off the hook, Berna took to social media to plot and said, “Can I put 4 girls down there TJ !!! Please hahahaha.” She added, “Pqybaaaaack. But which of those should I even pay back ?????? Hahahaha.” When the show resumed after the cliffhanger and he confirmed it would be a male-only elimination, Emy expressed her relief, “Thanks GOD bro PHEWW.” Esther shared her thoughts on Gabo:

Berna wrote, “Gabo !! You’re soooo funny. And please stop thinking you’re not good enough !! You’re just deserving as everyone there!!!! ” She added congratulations to Logan for his win, tweeting, “Congrats logan Spain is celebrating and us.”

Berna then commented on Emy’s unhappy reaction at being paired up with Hughie Maughan: “Emy. Always talking down on people who were talking motivation to her. Wow. He can focus!!! He always did! Just as you won an elim @hughie_maughan love Ya!!!!” Emy shared, “I’m crying and laughing at the same time am i losing my minds?????”

There was even a reaction to Gabo’s elimination from “Jersey Shore” star Mike The Situation as Gabo prayed to him during the elimination:

Corey Lay, who was eliminated the week before, wrote, “I love Gabo so much y’all. I’m glad his exit was filled with so much love from the rest of the cast.”

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