‘The Challenge’ Cast Quarantined Before 1st Elimination Over Positive COVID-19 Tests

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There were a lot of twists and turns during the premiere episode of “The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies,” including the abrupt departure of Nam Vo, and a few of the show’s stars  just revealed that there was actually a 10-day quarantine between the first challenge and the first elimination during the episode due to several positive COVID-19 tests.

During an Instagram Live between Amanda Garcia, Ashley Mitchell and Michele Fitzgerald, Michele told fans that there was a second quarantine due to positive tests right after filming had started. She revealed that COVID-19 vaccinations were not mandatory and some of the cast was vaccinated while others weren’t at that time.

Michele also clarified that production was really safe with COVID-19 protocols on set, which included daily tests, so the outbreak was shocking. She said they also took excellent care of the reality stars who were sick and in quarantine.

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Amanda Broke Down the Timeline of the Positive Tests, Which Occurred Just After the 1st Challenge

Amanda explained what happened: “Okay so we had the challenge, right, we got our partners, went back to the house, we were gonna have a party. Big T [Fazakerley] gets pulled, right, she’s obviously positive.” She said that production told them they could all stay in the house, but after a few more days, “some people were coughing, some people were sniffing, some people just didn’t feel well.”

She said those people ended up getting pulled out of the “Challenge” house also. “That was four or five people and I remember some of the people were like, ‘what the f*** I don’t have COVID’ and then turns [out] they actually did,” Amanda said, and added that the cast all had to quarantine for an additional ten days.

The three competitors told fans on the Live that during the second quarantine, unlike the pre-game one, they had access to their phones and could communicate with each other. They said at that point, they had an idea of the teams and some of the format of the show and did a lot more research on the other competitors.

Amanda, Michele and Ashley Said There Were Rules About the Gym Use Relating to COVID-19 That Caused Tensions in the House

During the same Live, Amanda was asked about what happened between the challenge and the elimination and she said that everyone eventually got pulled from the “Challenge” house to quarantine at the hotel but eventually some of the cast members went back to the house and some stayed at the hotel. “Some people that they kind of just wanted to keep an extra eye on… they kept some people back, remember?” Amanda told Ashley and Michele.

She said out of the ones who remained at the hotel, “We weren’t too sure who requested it but somebody told production that the people [who] went back to the house weren’t allowed to use the gym… All the boys were like, ‘who the f*** could that be?’ and out of the people, everybody assumed that it was Corey [Lay].”

Amanda told her co-stars that she’s not sure if it actually was Corey but she said everybody thought it was him. She explained that because of that, the guys wanted to target Corey, “they’re like f*** him, he’s gonna f*** up our gym thing, we’re gonna f****** vote him out.”

The “Are You the One?” star said that’s why she approached Emy Alupei, Corey’s partner, and told her that she had no issues with Emy, her Romanian costar Emanuel Neagu and her partner Corey, but she needed to get information on other rookies in exchange for helping to keep them out of elimination and that’s how the mention of the list came about, Amanda explained.

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