‘The Challenge’ Star Ripped by Fans Over ‘Salty’ Twitter Rant

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The 4th episode of “The Challenge: USA” saw Alyssa Lopez and Kyland Young win the trivia challenge and become the power couple in the house. The two “Big Brother 23” alums decided to target their co-star and the winner of their season Xavier Prather. Xavier and his teammate, “Survivor” star Shantel Smith, faced off in the arena against David Alexander and Justine Ndiba but lost and were eliminated.

In the episode, viewers learned that Kyland and Alyssa discussed their move with Angela Rummans, another “Big Brother” alum, ahead of time and she told them, “You can throw it all on Shan. Make her freak out, and then [Xavier] just feels like he was partnered with a bad apple. I think we blame everything on Shan.” After the episode, Shan blasted Angela and said on The Challenge Fanatics’ Reali-Tea Podcast, “You really can’t tell what Angela’s thinking or saying sometimes, I think it must be the fillers and Botox. I don’t know. Her face, it just doesn’t move.”

Alyssa hit out at Shan over her comments about Angela’s appearance, tweeting, “Imagine being so salty about getting eliminated from a competition show that you chose to use your exit interviews to bash other women’s intelligence and looks. I can’t relate. I’d explain my thought process during my exit interviews, but I don’t have any scheduled this early.”

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Shan Lashed Out at Alyssa & Angela in a Series of Tweets Then Deleted Her Twitter Account

On July 29, Shan clapped back at Alyssa in a series of comments on Twitter. The “Survivor” alum, who’d deleted her Twitter account after first lashing out at Alyssa, reactivated it and wrote, “Is that you Alyssa it’s been at least two or three weeks.”

Shan then added, “Imagine being so thirsty for attention that you endure an entire casting process to seek revenge against a cultural movement that you gave lip service [to],” in reference to the Cookout alliance on “Big Brother 23.” In another tweet, she added, “Imagine going from being best friends with [Xavier] and the cookout to being best friends with Mrs. ‘I’m so ghetto because my skin is looking more tanned,'” referencing a comment made by Angela during “Big Brother 20.”

Shan added, “Angela may be a racist Klanswoman with no feeling in her face but at least she’s smart and thinks things through… let’s see how far your ‘big move’ gets you.” Alyssa only wrote a brief post in response to Shan, tweeting, “Awh you reactivated your Twitter account just for me? You’re the best.” Shortly after making those comments, Shan deleted her Twitter account once more, although screenshots are available courtesy of The Challenge Shade Room‘s Instagram.

Shan Was Criticized for Her Comments on Social Media

A lot of people criticized Shan for her comments on social media, with one person writing on Instagram, “This is how you secure the villain spot for next season.” Another added, “this doesn’t look good for her especially from her work being a ‘pastor.'” Someone else added, “Wait…this girl is a PASTOR?!?!”

One person criticized the reality star, “Shan is angry over game moves… making it personal for no reason.” Another added, “Shan the biggest cry baby I’ve ever witnessed on tv . Claims to be a pastor and motivational speaker and gets salty cause she got eliminated from a f****** tv show game lmao get real.”

One person commented, “How classy Shan! Shan thinks she’s better than everyone else and she just can’t accept being eliminated. Don’t play a game like that if you take everything personal..” Another said, “Wow, bitterness does not look good on her!” Shan, who was a pastor when she was cast on “Survivor 41,” announced in December 2021 that she was leaving pastoral ministry to become a religious content creator, ScreenRant reported.

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