‘The Challenge’ Cast Member Addresses Fight: ‘Last Time We Ever Spoke’

The Challenge All Stars 2

MTV Cast from 'The Challenge: All Stars' 2

The third episode of “The Challenge: All Stars” season two saw one friendship between competitors fracture as an argument in the house turned into a game-ending decision. Warning: This article contains spoilers for the third episode of “The Challenge: All Stars” season 2, which dropped on Paramount+ on Thursday, November 25.

At the beginning of the third episode, viewers saw Ayanna Mackins and Sophia Pasquis hit a difficult moment in their friendship as Sophia was triggered by a type of braid that Ayanna was doing in her hair. Ayanna and Sophia had an argument over Sophia’s reaction and Ayanna left the room.

Both found themselves on the losing team for the following challenge and, since Ayanna was the female captain and holding the life shield she won in the last elimination, she decided to choose her replacement for the upcoming elimination. Ayanna picked Sophia to go into the Arena, which hurt her and didn’t help matters between the two.

Sophia was ultimately eliminated by Jodi Weatherton and after the episode aired, she opened up about where things stand between her and Ayanna. She said what happened was “f****** strange” and told Entertainment Weekly, “It felt like I was in high school, it was weird.”

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Sophia Said the 2 Haven’t Talked Since Then & She Doesn’t Think They Will

Sophia said after her fight with Ayanna, they didn’t speak at the house or the elimination. She told EW, “She had an ulterior plan to try to get into my head to make me lose. When I was having my moment to stretch and get my head in the zone she would always appear and look me in the face and wear a shirt that she made saying, ‘Go Ryan,’ showing that she’s not supporting me.”

Sophia explained that it didn’t bother her, because her background as a collegiate athlete prepared her for being booed and unsupported, but it showed that Ayanna was trying to get her out. “We haven’t spoken about it,” she revealed. “I’m sure she has her point of view of what went down and I have mine. And I’m sure a lot had to do with her thinking that I wasn’t strong enough because I was vulnerable.”

Sophia also told the outlet that was the last time they spoke even after filming ended. “I don’t foresee us speaking again unless she reaches out to me,” she added. She said she’s completely fine with it though: “I’m good. I’ve made peace with it. If she wants to talk about it, I’m open to it. Possibly. But as of right now, I’m okay. I feel good about what I did.” She added:

I was not mad about what she did. But I didn’t respect and appreciate how she did it. I thought it was foul and it was cold and it wasn’t cool.

If you are who you say you are, you should have just came to me and all this could have been resolved with a conversation but instead, you put it in the field and you played it out that way. It was foul, man, and I don’t respect foul.

Sophia Said She Was Humbled By the Support She Received for Her Return to the Franchise

In a message posted to Instagram after her elimination, Sophia said she was so humbled by the reaction to her casting and the support she received during her time on the show. “Thank you all for the support out there,” she wrote. “It has been overwhelmingly kind and humbling. I can’t say thank you enough! I was a bit nervous about the episode.”

She also told EW that she’s very proud of how she handled her fight with Ayanna and her elimination from “The Challenge.” She said the most important thing is being authentic and genuine and she was able to walk away from the season knowing that nobody and nothing made her change that. “I stood my ground and believed in who I was,” she said.

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