The Challenge’s Johnny Bananas & Others React to Wild 7th Episode

The Challenge Double Agents cast

MTV The Challenge: Double Agents cast

On January 27, the seventh episode of The Challenge: Double Agents aired, titled “Die Another Jay.” The episode had a little bit of everything for fans to enjoy, with some drama in the house between cast members, a new and different type of daily challenge and more. As expected, it had cast members and fans talking on social media from start to finish.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the seventh episode of The Challenge: Double Agents which aired on January 27 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

The daily challenge this episode was wild, as contestants had to fight each other on a cargo net under a helicopter, although it was disappointing for fans to see most of the male contestants not compete in such a thrilling challenge. Later in the episode, a massive blow-out occurred at the house with Devin Walker angering Big Brother‘s Josh Martinez and Fessy Shafaat.

Despite that, the house ended up voting in Jay Starrett, who had alienated most of his friends with last episode’s power move. Leroy Garrett, the double agent along with his partner and the winner of the daily challenge Kaycee Clark, decided to put himself in to earn his gold skull. In a twist on the first episode’s elimination “Fire Escape,” Leroy powered through to beat Jay in a close race, sending the Survivor alum home.

Fans had a lot to say about these moments in the episode, including other intense reveals, such as TJ Lavin telling the male contestants who didn’t compete that their vote wouldn’t count. Although it had no impact on the result of this week’s house vote, that information will likely push contestants to compete in future daily challenges.

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Cast Members & Fans Had a Lot to Say About the Daily Challenge, the Fight in the House & TJ’s Twist

There were a lot of reactions to the daily challenge, both about how exciting it seemed and also about most of the male competitors not trying. One said, “I love this mission already.” Another wrote, “What’s going on with the dudes? They look a bit S C A R Y.” One person tweeted: “That was a sad excuse for a challenge, guys.”

One person said,” Was this an intentional strategy to just let the girls battle it out? Seems strange that none of them tried.” Here were some of the cast members’ reactions to the episode:

Fans also reacted to TJ announcing that the men’s votes wouldn’t count because they didn’t participate, a major twist that hasn’t been seen before in The Challenge:

Fans Reacted to the Elimination Matchup & Jay’s Elimination From the Game

The elimination in this episode was exciting and yet another elimination featuring two big names in the game. Cast members and fans had a lot to say online about the matchup, Leroy’s final push to victory and the longtime veteran earning his skull, as well as Jay’s defeat from the game.

Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio tweeted after the episode to congratulate Leroy on winning the elimination. He said, “TONIGHT’S FORECAST: 100% chance of WINNING. Congrats to my man @Bruce_Lee85 gettin it done.” Leroy responded, “Thanks bro.. Love you,” to which Bananas answered, “Love you more (than Kam).”

Ashley Mitchell, who was eliminated in the first episode in the same elimination and again last week, joked: “When I did that elimination I looked about the same.” She added, “OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! #thechallenge36. That was IMPRESSIVE!!!!! #thechallenge36. I love a quick karma turn around too.”

Jay tweeted, “Hahaha f*** made myself tear up ahah what a great game! I love the @ChallengeMTV #thankyousomuch for another epic adventure and so stoked to be able to live this life. Until next time beautiful world!” These were some fans’ reactions to the elimination:

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