The Challenge Cast & Fans React to 5th Episode: ‘This Game Is Savage AF’

The Challenge Double Agents

MTV The Challenge: Double Agents

The fifth episode of The Challenge: Double Agents aired on January 13 and it was full of wild moments that had social media talking from the first moments of the show when the house reacted to the dramatic ending of last week’s episode.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the fifth episode of The Challenge: Double Agents which aired on January 13 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

The episode started off with a bang with the house reeling from Fessy Shafaat’s major move in the previous episode going into the Hall Brawl elimination against Nelson Thomas. Right before the daily challenge, viewers learned that one competitor, Natalie Anderson, would be leaving the game for personal reasons. Instead, two-time champ Ashley Mitchell was brought back to the house to replace her.

Chris “CT” Tamburello and Tula “Big T” Fazakerley won the daily challenge and gained control of the house. Big T, along with other rookies, orchestrated the elimination matchup between Aneesa Ferreira and Tori Deal, ultimately ending in Tori getting eliminated. In the team reshuffle, there was a return back to original partners as winner Aneesa chose to pair up with Fessy again and Kaycee Clark chose Leroy. Devin Walker-Molaghan was left as a rogue agent and his next partner will be determined in a future episode.

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Fans & Cast Members Reacted to Ashley Coming Back on the Show After Natalie’s Departure

After Natalie had to leave the show for personal reasons, TJ announced that the polarizing two-time champ, Ashley, would be returning to fill her spot and pair up with Cory Wharton. As Ashley walked back to the lineup of competitors, cast members had a lot to say on social media:

Fans also had a lot to say about Millionaire Mitchell’s return to the competition. One wrote, “Tell me why I almost cried seeing @MTVASHLEYBROOKE come back to the challenge! She’s my fave! #TheChallenge36 and the way @tjlavin introduced her ‘Ashley Millionaire Mitchell’ like yea b****.” Another wrote, “Yaaaaas my girl is baaack.”

One fan posted: “The fact that even TJ calls Ashley ‘Millionaire Mitchell’ is so f****** cool.” One tweet read: “I LOVE THIS FOR ME. MILLIONAIRE MITCHELL IS BACK.” One commented on the new partnership of Ashley and Cory: “I’m excited to see Ashley and Cory work together again!” One person said, “ashley millionaire mitchell the queen of surprise arrivals.”

As the van was pulling up, one person wrote, “Not gonna lie, I’d be really happy if Ashley steps out. She can be dramatic but a good competitor and good tv.”

Many People Reacted to the Elimination Between Tori & Aneesa & Tori Getting Sent Home Early

Another major moment in the episode happened near the end of the hour and a half when Tori was thrown into the elimination by Big T and CT to face the house vote and her friend, Aneesa. Aneesa and Tori’s friendship has been a storyline this season, especially as the two of them are now hosting MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast together. Cast members and fans had a lot to say about Tori’s elimination against Aneesa:

One fan wrote, “Tori is all bluster, but doesn’t come through when it counts. Color me not impressed that Aneesa beat her.” Another said, “I think even Tori underestimated Aneesa, but she forgot one important fact….Aneesa is fierce!! Much respect!” 

One Twitter post read, “Yay Aneesa!! Sucks she had to go against Tori, but I’m so happy she got a red skull. This is her season to shine dammit. Time people put respect on her name, she is one of the best.” One person wrote, “Aneesa is such an unimpressive and atrocious player. Look how fast Tori caught up! She nearly had it. Aneesa is awful.” Here are some other reactions:

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