The Challenge’s Leroy, Theresa & Others React to 6th Episode: ‘Fake B******’

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The sixth episode of The Challenge: Double Agents, “From Theresa With Love,” aired on January 20 and it featured a lot of great moments for Challenge fans, including an exciting daily challenge and, as usual, some plotting by various cast members. Current and former cast members had a lot to say on social media as the episode aired.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the sixth episode of The Challenge: Double Agents which aired on January 20 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

The episode began with a sad twist as one of the rookie competitors, wrestler Lio Rush, opened up about his childhood and revealed that he had to leave the game. That meant rogue agent Devin Walker was paired up with Lio’s partner Gabby Allen as the competitors took part in a long daily challenge that put the pairs’ teamwork, strength and endurance to the test.

Theresa Jones and Jay Starrett, who had remained mostly under the radar in the first few episodes, won the challenge and decided to make a major move, sending shockwaves through the house as they sent in Kam Williams and Kyle Christie to face the house vote Ashley Mitchell and Cory Wharton. TJ Lavin then announced it would be a female elimination day and Ashley was sent home by Kam, her second exit this season.

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Fans & Cast Members Reacted to Lio Rush’s Departure & the Daily Challenge

The episode began with Lio Rush sharing how he was struggling with the set-up of the Challenge house because of situations from his childhood and ultimately left the show. After that moment, many of Lio’s cast members posted about his departure on social media:

The daily challenge was an exciting one for many fans as it resembled a mini final, with a lot of endurance required and checkpoints testing teams’ puzzle-solving capabilities and teamwork. Cast members spoke about the challenge on social media and fans were also quick to share their thoughts about the different teams’ performances.

Fans also spoke about the daily challenge and how all the different teams fared at the puzzle checkpoint, the endurance and the teamwork. One fan said, “Kam and Kyle were supposed to win. :(” One person wrote, “Not Lolo trying her best not to yell at Nam again. I felt both of their frustrations but it was also funny at the same time.”

One tweet reads, “I honestly feel really good for Cory because he spent years getting made fun of for his lack of endurance/cardio, and he’s just finished a close-second in a final. Did well in the cardio events last season too. He’s become a legit contender.”

One fan wrote, “I love @AneesaMTV and I’ve been against Fessy this whole time. But I would’ve been pissed too. Like ‘it’s not a final’ yea but finals have had similar themes with running. They ALL have been running.” Here were some other fan comments:

Cast Members & Fans Had a Lot to Say About Jay & Theresa’s Power Move & the Elimination Matchup

Jay and Theresa’s move to throw Kam and Kyle into elimination was without a doubt the most talked-about moment of the night from cast members and fans alike. Not only was it a major move, by Jay was seen reassuring both Kyle and Cory before the elimination that he would be giving them a heads up, while Theresa reassured Kam that it would be up to her whether she wanted to go in. Some of the cast members had something to say during deliberations:

After the elimination matchup was announced, here were some reactions from the cast:

Amber Martinez said, “Fake b******.” Former cast member Marie Roda said, “Big mistake Teresa. YUUUUGE you pissed off the wrong queen and Ashley popping off I love it.” Beyond the cast members, fans also had a lot to say during the episode about how the elimination went down:

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