The Challenge’s Fessy Explains Not Facing Joseph in Elimination

Fessy Shafaat

YouTube / MTV Fessy Shafaat and the elimination on the second episode of Double Agents.

In the last episode of The Challenge: Double Agents, Fessy Shafaat had fans and other Challengers talking when he declined to go down into the Crater in an elimination matchup against Joseph Allen. In the episode, Fessy had said he only wanted to put himself into an elimination like pole wrestle or hall brawl, so fans were questioning why he didn’t go into the Crater when it appeared set up for a physical matchup.

After the elimination, which was a physical duel between Kyle Christie and Joseph involving a ring that had to be wrestled away from the opposing player and onto one of the three posts, Fessy told host TJ Lavin, “I wish I would have came down [into the Crater]…” Kyle interrupted Fessy and said, “Shut up, you always say that but you never come down. You knew it was physical, didn’t you? Come on, what’s here, there’s nothing at all here, of course it was f****** physical, it was gonna be a headbanger. You p****ed out and you didn’t come down.”

Many fans had similar reactions online and Fessy took to his live recap on Instagram to explain his decision.

Fessy Explained That the Ring Wasn’t There During His Decision & He Was Confident He’d Get Another Chance at a Skull

Fessy and other Challenge stars cleared the air after the show and explained that the ring wasn’t in the center of the Crater when Fessy was asked to make the decision to go in. On his live recap on Instagram after the episode aired, Fessy spoke to Joseph and said, “Clarify for the people, right, when TJ asked me if I wanted to go down there, was the ring in the middle of the circle yet?” Both Joseph and Fessy said it wasn’t.

Fessy also explained, “The reason TJ did that, is this season’s called Double Agents for a reason, you know, he wants to mess with everybody, you don’t know if it’s a guy’s day or a girl’s day, you don’t know what the elimination is.”

Later in his Live, Fessy was also asked why he didn’t step up if there are only a few skulls available. He answered, “Short answer is, I’m scared of elimination. Terrified of it, it’s scary. You could go home, why would you tell somebody to vote you in or vote yourself in?”

He also repeated again, “I didn’t see the ring. TJ brought the ring after he asked me. It was just a dirt pit, like Kyle got it right, ‘there’s nothing down here, what did you think it was gonna be?'” However, Fessy said that he was very confident that he would either win another challenge or get sent in cause he’s a threat in the house. “I knew I was gonna get a chance,” he said. “I wasn’t worried about that.”

Wes Also Confirmed What Fessy Said & That None of the Challengers Knew What It Would Be

Wes also joined Fessy on his Live later in the stream and confirmed the information about the ring missing from the ring until the final edit, which he said he hadn’t seen portrayed that way in an edit before. He said:

What I thought was interesting, and I’ve never seen them do this before, but tonight when we got there — I have to defend you for just a sec — when we got there, there was six poles in the ground and I don’t mean pole wrestle I mean sticks like parking things. There was no ring in the circle, there was nothing. There was literally nothing.

Wes continued, “And then when they showed the show tonight, and they panned out right before your decision, they showed a ring in the middle of the circle. That ring wasn’t there.”

Fessy agreed and said that it definitely looked physical, but the six poles didn’t look like anything he’d ever seen before in the history of The Challenge.

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