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The third episode of The Challenge: Double Agents, “Enemy of the State” aired on Wednesday night and, like the episode preview promised, it featured an excitement-filled daily challenge, lots of house drama and arguments and non-stop action from start to finish.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the third episode of The Challenge: Double Agents which aired on December 16 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

There were a lot of key moments in the episode, including contestant Nicole Zanatta having to go home after suffering an injury, a major house argument between Josh Martinez and Devin Walker-Molaghan, and a stunning blindside in the elimination, with Double Agents Leroy Garrett and Kaycee Clark throwing Wes Bergmann into elimination. The episode ended with Devin sending home his friend, two-time champ Wes, after defeating him in the elimination.

Challenge stars, former and current, and viewers were quick to share their reactions to the rollercoaster episode on social media.

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Cast Members & Fans Reacted to Nicole Zanatta Being Sent Home Injured & the Physical Matchups in the Daily Challenge

There were a lot of reactions on social media to the daily challenge and the exciting matchups that occurred, including Fessy Shafaat and Chris “CT” Tamburello facing off. Fans and cast members also address Nicole’s departure from the show after suffering an injury to her shoulder. Her partner Devin said, “I love you,” and she responded: “I love you too, I didn’t watch it but mom and dad said you kicked ass xo!!”

Darrell Taylor wrote, “@n_zanattaMTV Anyone else would have been crying after.” Devin said, “I tied@KyleCGShore… he’s beaten everyone on this show in a final… do the math.” Kam said, “Yayyyy so happy @Bruce_Lee85@ThatStudMuffin won! That means I can know what’s going on with this power. #TheChallenge36.”

Josh also posted about the episode:

Many Took to Social Media to Share Their Thoughts About Leroy Choosing to Send in Wes & Wes’ Parting Words

After Wes lost the elimination, he spoke to the cast members assembled on the platform and said that he was able to look back on his Challenge victories with pride since he never backstabbed or betrayed any friends. He added that he hoped they would be able to say the same, and concluded by saying, “Everybody gang up on Leroy.”

Fans and cast members spoke about Leroy’s decision to betray Wes after he revealed that they were meant to be allies on the show. One fan said, “sad that LeRoy forgot his loyalties to people he’s known way longer than Kam. If this was 5 years ago CT, Wes and LeRoy would have a real alliance, be running this game, and have full control of the house. #TheChallenge36.”

Following a live recap with Devin, Wes was asked to repeat comments he made: “[Wes] Can you repeat the part where you called Kam the queen and that she outplayed you and the future of the challenge I forgot to screen record.” Wes responded:

Wes also retweeted a fan who wrote, “No Kam, @WestonBergmann didn’t get outsmarted he got outnumbered. #teamWes #TheChallenge36.” He also retweeted: “@ChallengeMTV yal gotta stop letting them bury @WestonBergmann with this ‘untrustworthy’ narrative literally got ganged up on this season for no reason never crossed any of his ‘allies’ in the house.”

Below were other reactions from people unhappy to see Wes going in:

Others were happy to see Wes leaving the game and praised Kam and Leroy’s gameplay in orchestrating the move. One fan said, “I like Wes but he woulda done the same thing Kam and Leroy did. Anytime early exits happen to him he’s just getting a taste of his own medicine. #TheChallenge36.” Another said, “Wes you’ve been the mastermind forever but there’s a new mastermind and it’s @iamkamiam_ #TheChallenge36.”

In response to a fan writing, “I know @iamkamiam_ saying ‘Wes stfu’ in her head every time he says the word ‘friend’ #TheChallenge36,” Kam wrote, “I was lol. He made a deal with every guy.” She retweeted one fan who wrote, “Your eye roll when Wes gave that bullshit ass speech was ICONIC!!!” Kam also posted:

Below were some other reactions:

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