‘The Challenge’ Finalist in Online Feud With Co-Star: ‘Desperate to the Max’

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Theo Campbell has made it no secret that he wants to return to “The Challenge” after his impressive rookie season, where he placed second overall in the “War of the Worlds” final. The “Love Island” star has tweeted a few times that he’d love to return but a recent comment he made on social media attracted the attention of a co-star who blasted him.

The British reality star only appeared on two seasons of “The Challenge,” the two installments of “War of the Worlds.” In his rookie season, he was paired up with Cara Maria Sorbello and had a strong season, eventually finishing second place behind the winner, Turbo Çamkıran. He went into elimination once, beating Kyle Christie in a Hall Brawl.

He returned the following season for “War of the Worlds 2” but didn’t have the numbers on his side and went into elimination four times. He won the first three, including another against Kyle and one against Johnny Bananas but was eliminated from the show in the 11th episode when he faced Jordan Wiseley.

On November 29, he tweeted, “F*** it. @ChallengeMTV I’ll do the show for free don’t worry about paying me the weekly money. I’m only there for the prize money anyway. You got my number.”

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He Was Called Out by Amanda Garcia for Being ‘Desperate’ & the 2 Traded Blows on Social Media

A short while after he tweeted, his co-star Amanda Garcia called him out, writing, “LMAO ppl willing to do the Challenge for free I’m deadddddd. Desperate to the MAXXXXXX. CANT RELATE.” Amanda was on “War of the Worlds” alongside Theo, where she was partnered with Josh Martinez and the two were eliminated in the seventh episode by Kam Williams and Ashley Cain.

Theo replied to Amanda’s tweet, telling her, “Made more in 1 season then you have you’re whole t.v career.” He added, “Some people turn up for the small weekly money. Some people turn up for the big bucks. I’m sure you can’t relate. Happy to leave with 3 weeks money to see you through for 6 months.”

Amanda then replied, “I could say some real f***** up funny s*** but I can’t because he needs to step in line to get the golden callback ticket on my account keep dreamin loserrrrrrrrr.” Theo clapped back, “Babes I forgot you existed until you just piped up. You ain’t nobody’s ticket to anywhere. Anyway stay collecting them weekly checks x.”

He also replied to another person who told him to get a real job, writing, “I have 2 real jobs already. This is a hobby for me. Now what?”

Theo Suffered an Eye Injury Shortly Before ‘Total Madness’ & Said He’s Now ‘Partially Blind for Life’ But Said It Won’t Stop Him From Competing

In August 2019, Theo suffered a horrible eye injury in a freak accident during a party in Ibiza, when he was hit directly in his eye by a champagne cork. The track star later updated his followers and told them that he is now permanently partially blind.

Fans speculated that the injury might be what has prevented his callback on “The Challenge,” with one asking him if it might be due to insurance issues. Theo replied, “I’ll sign the papers so if anything does happen to my eye it won’t be on them. I’ll bring my eye patch.”

He said he recently appeared for four weeks on another MTV show so it’s not an issue with the network. He also explained that he was dropped “6 days before flying out for season 35,” which was “Total Madness.” At the time, he said it was because his eye injury was very fresh and “it was the right thing to do as my stitches kept getting loose.”

He added, “When I first done the @ChallengeMTV I done it off the back of a years hard partying, drinking and no training, and still merked everyone and everything (minus that math question) even with 1 eye im better than ever. Think that’s why they won’t have me back..”

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