The Challenge’s Theresa Jones Fought Injured During Elimination

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Last week on The Challenge: Double Agents, veteran competitor Theresa Jones, who’d returned to the franchise after a long break, was sent home by Kaycee Clark in the “Snapping Point” elimination. Following the episode, fellow competitors Amber Martinez and Tula “Big T” Fazakerley revealed that Theresa actually had an injury during her elimination that likely affected her performance.

During a recap video for the episode hosted by Amber and her cousin Kimmy Gutierrez with Big T as a guest, Big T explained, “It was really hard to watch that elimination. I dunno if Theresa’s put this out publicly but she was actually very injured when she did this elimination. She had injured her shoulder, she had an injury prior to that and then falling down from the [trivia challenge] made it even worse.”

Amber agreed that Theresa appeared to be in a lot of pain during the elimination and since she was facing the other competitors they could see on her face that she was struggling. She added, “It even got to a point where she took off her elbow pads and her knee pads while trying to hold on and she put them like under the harness to have a padding.”

The two Challenge stars agreed that Kaycee had a dominating performance and although the result may have been the same if Theresa wasn’t injured, it would likely have been a closer matchup. Here is the full recap, with the segment on Theresa’s injury beginning just before the 19-minute mark:

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Theresa Previously Spoke About Another Injury She Suffered Before the Show & Competed With

In addition to the shoulder injury Theresa picked up during The Challenge, the veteran competitor also previously spoke about a hip injury she’s had for a while that will require surgery soon. Theresa and her partner Jay Starrett won the daily challenge in the January 20 episode, which was a mini-final consisting of a 5-mile obstacle course, after which Theresa posted on social media, “Outta the game for 6 years, but hey, not too bad for a 35 yr old Mom of 2 with a torn labrum in her hip and arthritis!!!”

She also spoke about that injury earlier in January, when a fan commented on one of her posts and asked, “Do you think you’ll do another season ?” Theresa responded, “Sadly I have to have surgery later this year for a torn labrum in my hip that I hurt last March… been putting it off for sometime I can’t put off much longer.. so hoping to just be able to leisurely run by 2022- so that was a long version of a more n likely no.”

According to UC San Diego Health, the labrum is “a rim of soft cartilage” surrounding the hip socket that helps to stabilize the hip and protect the joint.

Theresa Said She Would Likely Not Return to the Show After Her Elimination

Theresa’s elimination loss from Double Agents may be the last time Challenge fans see the veteran on their screens as she revealed in her exit interview that she wouldn’t be returning. She said, “More than likely won’t be back, so this is my last one. It has to be. I can’t do this s*** anymore. I can’t. I love my life too much,” she said emotionally.

She said, “I’m super happy I came back, it was fun, it was kinda crazy… I was happy I tried it one more time, so it was good…” She concluded by saying she couldn’t wait to get home and see her partner and kids again.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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