Tori Deal Speaks on Devin Walker Betrayal During ‘The Challenge’ Elimination

Tori Deal Devin Walker

MTV Devin and Tori

The penultimate episode of “The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies” began with TJ Lavin’s “Night of Eliminations” as promised in the cliffhanger from the previous week. The first matchup was between Amanda Garcia, who was voted into the Lair by her castmates, and Tori Deal, who she called down to face her.

The two had a physical elimination dominated by Tori and once it was over, it was the men’s turn to face off. The house voted in the remaining rookie, Emanuel Neagu, and he chose Devin Walker in the hopes that it would be another physical matchup. However, TJ revealed it would be a series of three puzzles.

Emanuel finished the first one faster than Devin but was struggling during the second one while Devin pulled ahead. Tori said it was the most difficult matchup for her to watch because it featured her closest friend in the house, Devin, and the guy she’d been building a romantic connection with, Emanuel.

During the elimination, Tori called out to Emanuel the solution to his puzzle on a few occasions, prompting her co-stars to call her out and express their shock at her betrayal. Devin ended up winning narrowly and after the episode aired, Tori opened up online about her actions.

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Tori Apologized to Devin & Said She Should Never Have Helped Emanuel in the Elimination

Tori Deal's Instagram Story

InstagramTori Deal’s Instagram Story

On her Instagram Story after the episode, Tori posted a photo of her and Emanuel over which she wrote, “It was incredibly hard to watch this elimination and I let my emotions get the best of me. Even though I care deeply about Emanuel and clearly wanted him in the game, I should never have interjected in this elimination. Although I did ball my eyes out when you went home.” In a subsequent slide, she told Devin:

You deserved a better friend tonight Dave. The grace that you’ve shown me, and how quickly you forgave me speaks volumes to your character. Thank you for seeing the best in me during my worst moments. I know you’re over my apologies, but you deserve a public one.

She also told her co-star that her move that episode “tested their friendship” and she appreciated the fact that he still saw the best in her. “Everyone deserves a friend like you,” she wrote. Tori concluded the slide by telling Devin that she’s happy with where they’re at today.

Tori & Emanuel Have Been Quite Flirty With Each Other Since Filming But Neither Said They’re in a Relationship

Tori Deal Instagram

InstagramTori Deal’s Instagram Story

After Emanuel’s elimination, fans might be wondering if Tori and the Romanian rookie are together, but neither has confirmed a relationship at this time. Emanuel was a recent guest on “MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast” and the two were very flirty during the episode, with Tori revealing that the two “talk all the time.”

Tori also said Emanuel is her “love bug” and they haven’t hidden their attraction to each other, flirting in Instagram comments. The two also seemed to reconnect recently in Amsterdam, based on Instagram Stories posted by the co-stars. However, Emanuel is still be living in Romania while Tori has said she’s looking to move to Miami, so time will tell if they will take things to the next level.

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