Tori Deal Reveals What Happened With Fessy Shafaat After Double Agents

Fessy Shafaat Tori Deal

MTV Fessy Shafaat and Tori Deal

An ongoing storyline on The Challenge: Double Agents has been Fessy Shafaat opening up about his attraction to Tori Deal despite her being in a relationship with three-time champion Jordan Wiseley at the time of filming. Following Tori’s exit from the show earlier this season, it appeared that storyline was over, with Fessy instead pursuing rookie Gabby Allen. However, on this week’s episode of Double Agents, Fessy once again discussed Tori in a conversation with Cory Wharton.

After Gabby and Fessy’s romance on screen appeared to heat up, Cory asked Fessy what he would do if Tori and Gabby were both in the house at that point. Cory said, “Last time I talked to Tori, she was saying how things weren’t always so great.” Fessy replied, “Me and Tori have become just friends. She’s got a man so it’s like can’t cross that line,” but he added that sometimes you can’t help how you feel. Cory agreed, “There’s that natural connection between you two, you could just tell.” Here is the clip:

Cory then told Fessy, “I think Tori and Jordan are gonna call it quits, you and Tori are gonna give it a go, you guys will probably date for a year then you and Tori can escape to Mexico.” After the episode aired, it didn’t take long for Tori to address that clip and her current situation with Fessy.

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Tori Confirmed That the 2 Met Up After She Broke Up With Jordan But That They Decided to Keep Their Relationship ‘Platonic’

During MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast, which was released after Wednesday’s episode, Tori quickly addressed the clip from the episode and updated fans on her relationship status and what happened between her and Fessy. She joked that she was happy to be mentioned even though she was eliminated from the game weeks before but then added, “I just gotta say it out loud because I’m not trying to deal with any more rumors, it is what it is.” She continued:

Cory was right when I got home from The Challenge, that week of being eliminated, my a** and Jordan we split. And it had nothing to do with anybody on that show, like obviously there’s a lot that goes in to two people breaking up so just put that out there but I’m sending all love to Jordan he’s a good dude, so much respect to him.

But obviously, after we get home and time has passed, Fessy and I definitely linked up for a second to see what was good but the truth is that Fessy and I found out we are definitely better as friends. So Cory was wrong, we didn’t date for a year, we didn’t go to Mexico, maybe went somewhere else.

She concluded that they’re just friends and she wanted to set the record straight for everyone wondering what’s been going on between her and Fessy: “absolutely nothing. It’s all platonic at this point in time,” she said.

Jordan Has Kept Mostly Silent About the Situation But Expressed His Disappointment at an Interview Tori Did a While Ago

Jordan hasn’t addressed the latest clip on this week’s episode of the show, but he hasn’t spoken much about the breakup since it was announced in November. After the initial episode aired showing Tori and Fessy’s on-screen connection and the subsequent speculation that the two had traveled to Turks and Caicos just after Tori’s engagement ended, Tori addressed the situation and Jordan was also quick to reply.

Tori first explained that she and Jordan were in a rocky relationship for a while before their breakup and they had decided that Tori would go on the show alone to see if distance would help their relationship. She said the two broke up soon after she returned home but waited a few months to publicly announce the split. The Are You the One? alum also said she didn’t know during filming that Fessy was attracted to her and clarified that she didn’t cheat on Jordan with Fessy during Double Agents.

After Tori’s interview came out, Jordan said he watched some of it and said he was disappointed that it was being discussed so much. “I’ve been pretty silent about Tori and I’s split because I thought it was something very special and very deep and ours and I didn’t want to just give that away,” he explained. “So it’s disappointing to see what it’s being turned into.”

The Challenge: Double Agents airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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