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Tori Deal has been dealing with a lot of negative publicity in the Challenge world this season, from having a lot of people in the house turn on her and orchestrate her elimination matchup against Aneesa to speculation about her breakup from Jordan Wiseley. The Challenge star and Are You the One? alum clapped back at the haters today and posted a strong message on her Instagram.

She wrote in part, “Deep thoughts: There’s a sense of freedom that comes with being disliked. I can explain myself all I want but if you decide that you don’t wanna like me then no matter what I do you’ll hate it.” She said for the majority of her life, she’d been trying to please everyone and be liked by everyone and now she said “I feel like I have nothing to live up to anymore.”

She said all she can do is be herself and people can either love her for it or keep hating her and that’s a freeing feeling. She also thanked the people who have continued to support her. Many of her Challenge costars commented on the post and voiced their love and support, namely Josh Martinez, Camila Nakagawa, Kailah Casillas and Georgia Harrison.

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Tori’s Fortunes Quickly Turned in the ‘Challenge’ House as She Found Herself on the Wrong Side of the Numbers

In the last couple of episodes before her elimination, fans began to see hints that the contestant wasn’t as popular in the house as she previously appeared to be. Some of the contestants, mostly smaller women or rookies, took issue with some of the language and tone that they said Tori used while talking about them. In conversations with her allies, Tori could be heard calling them “weak” and competitors like Tula “Big T” Fazakerley, Gabby Allen and Amber Martinez took offense.

After Big T and her partner Chris “CT” Tamburello won the daily challenge in episode five, “Skyfall,” they rallied the house vote for Aneesa Ferreira and then nominated Tori to face her, a contest she ultimately lost. After her elimination, Tori spoke about the episode and the comments she made about weakness. She said:

Weak shouldn’t have been the word. I should have used ‘inexperienced’ because nobody likes to be called weak, it’s super demeaning so I really do apologize to anybody that I offended when I said that. But what I was really trying to say is ‘inexperienced rookie.’

Tori Has Been Plagued With Negative Publicity This Season, Specifically With Rumors About the End of Her Engagement to Jordan Wiseley

Before the season began airing, Tori and her fiance, Challenge champ Jordan Wiseley, called it quits on their engagement and announced their mutual decision to break up. While Tori is now single, when she filmed Double Agents she was still in a relationship with Jordan and one of the storylines to develop was an apparent attraction between contestant Fessy Shafaat and Tori.

In the fourth episode, Fessy spoke in his confessional about his attraction to Tori and she later did him a favor by throwing him into elimination like he wanted. After Tori and Jordan’s breakup announcement, the Are You the One? alum and Fessy were spotted by fans on vacation in Turks and Caicos, although both have denied being in a relationship. In response to fans wondering if Tori cheated on Jordan with Fessy, Tori said:

Me and Jordan were on the rocks for a lot longer than people know, and we had broken up before The Challenge [Double Agents] for a little bit. I really, really begged him to stay with me. I was like, ‘Let’s try to work it out,’ and we had this moment where we were like, ‘All right, I’m going to go on the show, you’re going to stay home. Let’s see what happens, let’s see if this distance will help us.’

Tori has now done five seasons of The Challenge and has made it to two finals, on her rookie season of XXX: Dirty 30 and on War of the Worlds 2, but she’s still looking for her first win on the show. The Challenge: Double Agents airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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