‘The Challenge’ Star Says Tori Deal & Others Are on His ‘Hit List’

Tori Deal

MTV Tori Deal's cast photo for The Challenge 35.

The second episode of “The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies” saw the departure of two rookies after an elimination loss, but one of them has just spoken out about their vendettas after the season and their “hit list” if they’re able to return to the show for a future season.

Kelz Dyke was an exciting rookie coming to the franchise from “Too Hot to Handle” and many fans were disappointed to see him make an early exit, especially as he could have been a great matchup for Josh Martinez or Fessy Shafaat. Kelz told Entertainment Weekly that his elimination was a “tough one.”

“Especially when you go in there with the mindset of an athlete, I take it to heart to win,” he told the outlet. “So it was kind of crazy. It was definitely not something I’m used to.” However, he’s made no secret that he’d love to return to the show and even revealed who his vendettas are, including his showmance partner Tori Deal.

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Kelz Said He Could Tell That Tori Was Aware of the Plan in Deliberation Because She Didn’t Make Eye Contact With Him

During the episode, viewers saw Tori and Kelz growing closer and cuddling in bed together but the veteran was put in a difficult position when she was informed of the plan to throw in Kelz. She said they were testing her to see if her loyalty was with the veteran alliance or with Kelz and the rookies because of her showmance and Tori ultimately sided with the vets. Kelz was asked about that and he told Entertainment Weekly:

Yeah, and that hurt me! You asked me about vendettas, and I think Tori’s definitely on it. Not in a spiteful way. But I wanted to partner up with her from the beginning and we got on so well and the chemistry was so well. I thought it was the perfect partnership to get to the final.

He said while the two were only teamed up for the first episode, they’d told each other that they would still work together even if they got new partners. “This is my first time here, there’s no bad blood, so let’s not create bad blood,” he added. “I was waiting for a situation for her to show her loyalty. But it’s a cold world!”

He also said that nothing happened after the show between the two of them and a large part of that was due to the deliberation. “I’m a very intuitive person and while Josh was talking, I was looking at her and it kind of felt like she knew what was going to happen and was struggling to make eye contact with me,” he revealed.

Kelz Also Said Fessy & Josh Are on His ‘Hit List’ for Another Season

Tori isn’t the only competitor on Kelz’s vendetta radar as he made clear that Fessy and Josh are at the top of his hit list. Kelz told the outlet that Fessy had been saying throughout “Double Agents” that he wanted a challenge but the moment Kelz was on the show, Fessy tried to make a deal with him to avoid going up against each other.

He also said Josh would be his number one target. “Maybe my main one is Josh,” he explained.
“After last season I would have loved to put Fessy in his place in a Hall Brawl, but now I feel like I’d rather have Josh in a Hall Brawl. Aw, I would savor that moment. Josh is always talking about friendship and people being real to him but you know what? That’s just his game.”

Kelz then concluded that most people had a hand in his nomination as the house vote so he added that if he were to come back, “everyone’s probably my enemy.”

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