Epic Trailer for the Next Season of ‘The Challenge’ Drops [WATCH]

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It’s here! The teaser trailer for the next season of MTV’s The Challenge dropped today via Paramount. The trailer, which revealed the name of the season as The Challenge: All Stars, was shared via the Paramount+ Twitter account on Wednesday.

Paramount+ is a streaming platform owned by Viacom, which also owns MTV. It appears the series will air on the platform. It’s unclear if it will also air on MTV.

Besides the name of the season, the 15-second video shared the names of a few veteran Challenge players, Mark Long, Eric “Big Easy” Banks, Syrus Yarbrough, Trishelle Cannatella, Beth Stolarczyk and Ruthie Alcaide. The full cast and premiere date has not yet been released.

Watch the teaser trailer below:

The Challenge fans are currently enjoying Double Agents, which aired its 11th episode on Wednesday night.

There have been many rumors and potential cast lists circling about this coming season. If you want to read more about that, keep scrolling.

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Rumored Cast List for ‘The Challenge: All Stars’

Although the cast list for the coming season has not been shared, a cast list has been circulating around social media.

Warning: if you do not want to be potentially spoiled on the cast list, do not read any further. 

It is pretty likely that The Challenge: All Stars will feature all OG players, and every name listed in the trailer appears on the potential cast list that was shared by “PinkRose” on Vevmo.

Here are the players listed:

Rumored Male Challengers

Here are the 11 rumored male competitors for The Challenge OG season.

*Darrell is currently featured on this season, Double Agents. His championship record is stated as four because we do not know if he wins this season.

1. Ace Amerson — 4 Challenge appearances, 0 Championship Wins
2. Alton Williams — 4 Challenge appearances, 1 Championship Win
3. Darrell Taylor — 9 Challenge appearances, 4 Championship Wins (Currently on Double Agents)
4. Derrick Kosinski — 10 Challenge appearances, 3 Championship Wins
5. Eric “Big Easy” Banks — 6 Challenge appearances, 0 Championship Wins
6. Laterrian Wallace — 3 Challenge appearances, 0 Championship Win
7. Mark Long — 6 Challenge appearances, 2 Championship Wins
8. Nehemiah Clark — 4 Challenge appearances, 1 Championship Win
9. Syrus Yarbrough — 5 Challenge appearances, 1 Championship Win
10. Teck Holmes — 1 Challenge appearances, 0 Championship Wins
11. Yes Duffy — 3 Challenge appearances, 1 Championship Wins

According to PinkRose, Challenge Legend Abram Boise was a part of the cast, however he was pulled from the show. It’s unclear why.

Rumored Female Challengers

Here are the 11 rumored female competitors for The Challenge OG season.

*Aneesa is currently featured on this season, Double Agents. Her championship record is stated as zero because we do not know if she wins this season.

1. Aneesa Ferreira — 14 Challenge seasons, 0 Championship Wins (Currently on Double Agents)
2. Arissa Hill — 1 Challenge seasons, 0 Championship Wins
3. Beth Stolarczyk — 7 Challenge seasons, 0 Championship Wins
4. Jemmye Carroll — 7 Challenge seasons, 0 Championship Wins
5. Jisela Delgado — 3 Challenge seasons, 0 Championship Wins
6. Jonna Mannion — 5 Challenge seasons, 0 Championship Wins
7. Katie Doyle — 9 Challenge seasons, 1 Championship Win
8. Kellyanne Judd — 4 Challenge seasons, 0 Championship Wins
9. Kendal Sheppard — 1 Challenge seasons, 1 Championship Win
10. Ruthie Alcaide — 4 Challenge seasons, 0 Championship Wins
11. Trishelle Cannatella — 4 Challenge seasons, 0 Championship Wins

Rumored Alternate Challengers

Here are the five alternates:


1. Cohutta Grindstaff — 4 Challenge appearances, 0 Championship Wins
2. Ryan Kehoe — 5 Challenge appearances, 0 Championship Wins


1. Casey Cooper — 4 Challenge appearances, 0 Championship Wins
2. Heather Cooke — 1 Challenge appearance, 0 Championship Wins
3. Sophia Pasqui — 1 Challenge appearance, 0 Championship Wins

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