The Challenge Veteran Says They ‘Would Have Beat’ Costar in Elimination

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The exciting spin-off season of The Challenge featuring veteran competitors and legends of the show is halfway done and there’s already been some exciting drama unfolding on our screens as well as on social media between the show’s competitors. Warning: This article contains spoilers for the first and second episodes of The Challenge: All Stars which were released on April 1 and April 8 on Paramount Plus.

Trishelle Cannatella was sent directly into elimination in the second episode of All Stars because she lost the trivia challenge on the women’s side, and after a short deliberation, the house voted for Kendal Sheppard to go into elimination against her. Thanks to guidance from her Road Rules: Campus Crawl costar Darrell Taylor, Kendal managed to edge out Trishelle in “Knot So Fast,” sending the Real World: Las Vegas alum home.

The reality TV stars have been very active on social media during the season and Trishelle and Kendal have both spoken about the elimination, with Trishelle saying she definitely would have beaten Beth Stolarczyk if the house had voted for her instead.

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Kendal Explained Why Trishelle Didn’t Go Against Beth & Trishelle Said She Would Have Beat Beth

Trishelle and Kendal interacted with fans who were tweeting about their elimination matchup, and Trishelle said Kendal was a “legit competitor” who “slayed our elimination.” She wrote, “I’m just glad I lost to someone who was a really tough chick.” The fan replied that it’s a shame her costars talked Trishelle out of facing Beth because Trishelle would have beaten her.

Kendal explained why that didn’t happen and wrote, “I’m learning it’s a numbers game. If Beth was working [with] them and [Trishelle] & Beth went against each other, they would 100% be down a number. By going against ME it was a 50/50 chance. They were hopeful Trishelle would win and they could keep all their ‘numbers’. Am I right??”

Trishelle agreed and said, “Oh yeah you’re right about that though. The loose alliance. That’s why they didn’t want me to go against Beth which now I’m mad about [because] I would’ve beat her and the entire thing would play out differently. Eh is what it is. I’m glad you won. You deserved it.”

Trishelle also told Kendal, “You are a force. Also I kind of like you as a person now,” with a heart and a crying laughing emoji.

Kendal Said She Was Often Targeted By the House Because a Group of People Wanted Her Eliminated

Kendal previously said on the Challenge Mania podcast that a group of her cast members wanted to eliminate her from the start of the season and just needed an excuse to vote her in, which the trivia challenge gave them. “So what they gotta do is create a convincing story to get people who are neutral on to their idea to throw me in, and they need something to be believable,” Kendal told Scott Yager and Derrick Kosinski.

Kendal said the trivia challenge was actually the third time in the house that she was accused of something trivial which showed her she didn’t have many allies. The Inferno winner said, “I was in trouble at the ’90s party, number one for my dancing, apparently I’m a provocative dancer, it’s inappropriate.”

She said she also rubbed people the wrong way on the sign-up sheet for timeslots for phone calls home when, as a joke, she wrote her name in multiple time slots. Derrick replied that he understood why people were frustrated because they thought it would interfere with their calls to loved ones, which are really important on the show.

New episodes of The Challenge: All Stars drop on Thursdays on Paramount Plus.

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