‘The Challenge’ Veteran Slams Her Costar: ‘She’s Too Much’

The Challenge Spies Lies and Allies

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In just under three weeks, the new season of “The Challenge” will debut on MTV and the show’s been giving fans some sneak peeks at the 37th season and its new cast of rookies in the lead-up to the premiere. On July 22, “The Challenge” posted a video sharing the vets’ first impressions of some of the rookies and there was a lot of interesting information in the four-minute clip, including a hint of a rivalry between two female competitors.

As mentioned in the press release for the season, “Spies, Lies and Allies” will see 17 international reality stars paired with 17 American competitors battle it out for their share of a million dollars. There are also 19 rookies alongside 15 vets, and with competitors from global shows like “Survivor Romania” and “Big Brother Nigeria,” there are a lot of possible alliances that could be formed this season.

In addition to some of the vets giving their first impressions of the rookies, the clip also gave fans a little glimpse of what we can expect in terms of some of the team pairings as well as possible flings and who might butt heads in the house.

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The Teaser Gave Hints to Some of the Team Pairings That Fans Will See This Season

There are already some hints about some partnerships this season as the video starts with Aneesa Ferreira revealing that her partner is Logan Sampedro, who Kyle Christie described as the “most beautiful man on the planet.”

In one of the action clips, it looked as though “Survivor” winner Tommy Sheehan and Tula “Big T” Fazakerley were competing together while another segment showed rookie Emanuel Neagu working on a puzzle with two-time finalist Kaycee Clark.

In terms of possible alliances, Ashley Mitchell pointed out that Tommy is part of a major “Survivor” group so that might be one to keep an eye out for. Big T also expressed her excitement at having new U.K. cast members in the form of Priscilla Anyabu, although Kyle saying he’s been unsuccessful at creating a U.K. alliance might mean we won’t see them teaming up.

The Clip Also Teased Some Drama & Relationships in the House Between the Vets & Rookies

The Challenge season 37 cast

MTVThe cast of the 37th season of ‘The Challenge’

However, not all the vets were complimentary of the rookies and Amanda Garcia’s summary of some of the rookies gave a hint about some potential drama as well as relationships in the house. Amanda’s never shied away from giving an unfiltered opinion about other people and in this clip, she focused on Berna Canbeldek. She said:

Berna is on my s*** list already. Not a good start. She sees, like, Kaycee and Nany together then she’s all over Kaycee. She sees Ashley and Nelson together then she’s all over Nelson. She’s too much.

While the trailer already teased a kiss between Kaycee and Nany Gonzalez, the hint about an Ashley and Nelson Thomas hookup is a bit more shocking as the two vets have already appeared on a few seasons together. Berna replied to the clip on Instagram and wrote, “what? … that’s for sure not my character but well ok.”

There are other hints of veterans being less-than-impressed with cast members as Ashley said she doesn’t see Jeremiah White doing that well on “The Challenge” despite his athleticism. Josh Martinez pointed out that one of the rookies, Gabo Szabó, “seems like a cool dude but very quiet, not a social guy, doesn’t really stand out from the pack. Seems like a physical threat but we know that all of those muscles really don’t translate into ‘Challenges.'”

Kaycee also expressed some frustration at not being able to read Esther Agunbiade, so those two might not be working together, and Esther commented simply “LMAO” on the Instagram video.

“The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies” premieres on Wednesday, August 11 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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