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After Wednesday night’s premiere episode of The Challenge: Double Agents aired, many cast members took to social media to share their thoughts and recap the episode. One cast member in particular did not hold back and slammed several co-stars on social media, calling their actions “weak, insecure, jealous, & scared.” This article contains some spoilers for the first episode of the season so if you haven’t seen the episode and want to avoid spoilers, do not read any further.

On December 10, longtime Challenge competitor and two-time champion Wes Bergmann took to Twitter to slam his fellow cast members, saying: “I have received a total of 5 apologies for the weak, insecure, jealous, & scared actions of my friends in last night’s episodes. I have recorded, screen grabbed, and documented each one of them.” He said he’d be going into detail about each conversation on his Patreon but shared an “appetizer,” a series of private messages between him and Aneesa Ferreira.

During the episode, Aneesa won the daily challenge and along with her chosen partner, Fessy Shafaat, voted Wes and his partner Natalie Anderson into the elimination. The house had voted for Chris “CT” Tamburello and Ashley Mitchell in a shocking move targeting former Challenge champions.

In Private Messages With Aneesa, Wes Spoke Out About Her ‘Heinous’ Comments in Her Private Confessional Interview

Aneesa Wes the Challenge

TwitterOne of Wes’ screenshots of a conversation with Aneesa.

On his Patreon, Wes opened up about how difficult the episode had been to watch because a lot of cast members who he got along with had been saying negative things about him. It appears from Wes’ screenshots that Aneesa reached out to him to apologize after the episode aired, saying: “I had to do what I thought was necessary in the game, but it didn’t feel good.”

She continued, “I do love and care about you and your well being. Watching it back definitely made me a bit anxious about the whole thing, but what’s done is done and hopefully you don’t take it [as] personally as it came off.” Wes responded to that message in part:

I appreciate the apology. But I already got on in person. We’re good. I need some time to heal. Cus you’re not the only friend who said unnecessary bullshit about my character in their interview. Which is the only place people have the courage to do so, because they’d look stupid saying that shit to my face… cus it’s all lies, insecurity & jealousy.

Wes also told Aneesa that she should publicly say that he has never been disloyal to her and that she decided to send him in because she “fell for the mob’s branding of him and wanted to make a big move.” He said she should also add that she “said some heinous things” in her private confessional “out of insecurity” and to “attempt to validate” her issues with herself.

Aneesa replied that she wouldn’t be doing that and it was a stretch to say that she has internal issues with herself. Wes did not hold back in his response and told her, “There’s no other explanation for why an angel would be talking like that about her decade long friend… unless she was projecting her feelings about herself on to him.” At that point, it appears that Aneesa ended the conversation, telling Wes to “have a good day.”

Several Competitors on ‘The Challenge: Double Agents’ Shared Their Thoughts About Wes During the 1st Episode

On the show’s first episode, several of the competitors spoke about Wes either with other competitors or in their private confessionals. In one scene in the club, Kaycee Clark is heard telling Amber Borzotra, “I love Natalie but she aligned with Wes, the enemy of our group.”

Theresa Jones, who was partnered with Wes on Battle of the Exes II, said in her confessional: “I don’t think Natalie knows what she’s getting into partnering up with Wes. He is not trustworthy and politically too involved.”

After choosing to vote in Wes and Natalie, Aneesa says in her confessional, “Wes and Natalie are a strong team but Wes has been known to be a sneaky, lying piece of s***.”

At the end of the episode, when Natalie is told she can choose to stay with Wes or choose another male partner, Leroy says in his confessional, “Natalie, if you are smart, run far far away from Wes because he is going to set you on fire.” Leroy’s comment was surprising as he admitted in a pre-season YouTube video that he’d reached out to Wes before the season to work together.

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