The Challenge’s Wes Bergmann Rips Into Veteran: ‘Not Cut Out For This’

Wes Bergmann

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Wes Bergmann was eliminated from The Challenge: Double Agents in the third episode but he’s continued to share his thoughts and opinions about the 36th season of the MTV show, especially about the cast members that he felt betrayed him during his season.

In the past couple of weeks, he’s been especially vocal about Aneesa Ferreira, slamming her fitness levels and her gameplay. After Aneesa turned on Wes in the first couple of episodes, calling him a “sneaky, lying piece of s***” in her confessional as she voted him in to the first elimination of the season and Wes later said that the two had been friendly before and had never crossed each other on The Challenge.

Now, Wes has said he’s no longer worried about hurting Aneesa’s feelings with his honest opinion of her, including that she’s “not cut out” for The Challenge, according to his episode recaps on Patreon.

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Wes Said Aneesa Isn’t Cut Out for ‘The Challenge’ & Should No Longer Be Cast on the Show

Wes discussed how Leroy voted in his own partner Aneesa during the fifth episode of the show, “Skyfall,” and therefore himself as well. He said Leroy voting for himself and being willing to go into elimination just to get rid of Aneesa as a partner is a prime example that Aneesa should “no longer be cast.” Wes said the difference between older competitors like himself and Aneesa is that he actually stays in shape.

We added that he didn’t understand why she chose to take Fessy Shafaat back as a partner, who clearly didn’t want to be paired up with her. He described the veteran competitor as “old and out of shape” and he would be “absolutely shocked” if Aneesa is cast again in the future because he said  The Challenge isn’t designed for people that are both old and not in shape.

After the fourth episode, Wes discussed the new teams that were formed when Fessy left Aneesa. He said he didn’t blame Fessy for not wanting to be paired with someone who he described as “dead weight.” He said he used to keep that opinion to himself because he never wanted to hurt Aneesa’s feelings but that changed since they fell out earlier this season. He said, “She’s not cut out for this, not even f****** close. So it’s an insult to the game when she’s put on the show.”

Wes Previously Slammed Aneesa & Posted Some of Their Private Messages on Social Media

Aneesa Wes the Challenge

TwitterOne of Wes’ screenshots of a conversation with Aneesa.

On December 10, longtime Challenge competitor and two-time champion Wes Bergmann took to Twitter to slam his fellow cast members, saying: “I have received a total of 5 apologies for the weak, insecure, jealous, & scared actions of my friends in last night’s episodes. I have recorded, screen grabbed, and documented each one of them.” He said he’d be going into detail about each conversation on his Patreon but shared an “appetizer,” a series of private messages between him and Aneesa Ferreira.

It appears from Wes’ screenshots that Aneesa reached out to him to apologize after the episode aired, saying she did what she thought she had to in the game. Wes replied to Aneesa and asked her to publicly apologize to him and acknowledge that she decided to send him in because she “fell for the mob’s branding of him and wanted to make a big move.”

The conversation ended abruptly and it appears from Wes’ latest comments that issues between the two have not yet been resolved.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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