Wes Bergmann Slams ‘The Challenge’ Co-Star: ‘Real Life Villain’

Wes Bergmann

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Wes Bergmann, two-time champion and notorious cast member on “The Challenge,” took to social media on May 27 to call out one of his cast members on the show, Aneesa Ferreira, calling them a “real life villain.”

His comment came in response to a “Challenge Mania” podcast episode featuring “All Stars” fan favorite Jisela Delgado. In the interview, Jisela revealed that Aneesa called her before the season and was actively campaigning to get Wes off the show. A fan asked how Wes felt listening to the episode since he mentioned before that Jisela was one of his favorite cast members to watch on “All Stars.”

Jisela wrote, “I think he should listen to it, I’m sure he won’t be surprised. If anything I should be more his favorite now!” Wes replied to the thread and confirmed that he listened to the episode: “I listened to it. I loved it,” he wrote. “I’m not surprised by any of the problematic & bullying behavior. And I do, in fact, love you even more than I did already. Thank you for blowing the whistle on this real life villain.”

Wes also addressed that discussion on his weekly Patreon recap, teasing on social media, “We address Jisela’s podcast interview where she explains how Aneesa tried to get everyone to vote me out of a show I wasn’t even on.”

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Jisela Revealed That Aneesa Called Her Before the ‘All Stars’ Season & Tried to Orchestrate Wes’ Early Departure

On the “Challenge Mania” podcast, Jisela dove into more detail about why her friendship with Aneesa was already fragile on “All Stars” and that there was a lot more going on behind the scenes. While speaking with hosts Scott Yager and Derrick Kosinski, Jisela revealed that Aneesa really didn’t like Wes and was trying to get an alliance to eliminate him if he got on the show.

“[Aneesa] said ‘I think Wes is gonna be there,'” Jisela said. “And [Aneesa] said, ‘We have to get Wes out right away.’ She’s like, ‘you’re not gonna like Wes, he’s this type of guy, he’s this type of guy.'” Jisela said she replied that she was willing to trade votes to get Coral Smith off the show.

Jisela said when she arrived at the hotel for quarantine, she found out that neither Coral nor Wes would be on the show, but that Aneesa still wanted her help getting Beth Stolarczyk eliminated. Jisela told the co-hosts she was outraged that Aneesa was trying to involve her in the “mean girl crew.”

Wes & Aneesa Have Been at Odds Since ‘Double Agents’ When Aneesa Betrayed Wes & the Champion Replied by Slamming Her Performances

Although Wes and Aneesa have been friendly in past seasons of “The Challenge,” things changed in the last season, “Double Agents,” as Aneesa quickly turned on Wes and called him “sneaky” in her confessionals. She also voted him into elimination early in the game. After those episodes aired, Wes published screenshots of Aneesa’s texts to him apologizing for the move, but the conversation seemed to end on a bad note.

Following that, the two-time champion said he no longer worried about protecting her feelings and slammed her fitness level, saying she was “old and out of shape” and not “cut out” for the show. He said, “it’s an insult to the game when she’s put on the show.” He said the final is often set up as a marathon with a major emphasis on endurance, so competitors should prepare for that before the show.

Wes explained that “Double Agents” was a perfect example of why Aneesa should “no longer be cast,” as none of the male competitors seemed to want to be paired with the veteran female competitor.

All episodes of “The Challenge: All Stars” are now available for streaming on Paramount Plus.

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