Wes Bergmann Calls Out ‘The Challenge’ Veteran: ‘Give Me a Run for My Money’

Wes Bergmann

MTV Wes Bergmann

The winner of “The Challenge: All Stars” was revealed last week when the ninth and final episode of the season was released on Paramount Plus, with just the reunion left to air. Warning: This article contains spoilers for the entire season of “The Challenge: All Stars” including the winner of the show.

The final challenge was a two-day event featuring 12 male and female contestants, with the bottom guy and girl pair getting purged out in the first leg of the race. The overall winner of the season was Yes Duffy, who came in first thanks to a points system based on each checkpoint result. Four-time champ Darrell Taylor came in second place while Kellyanne Judd and Jonna Mannion were tied for third place.

After the final episode dropped, “The Challenge” legend Wes Bergmann congratulated Darrell on his excellent season and took the opportunity to throw a jab at his co-star.

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Wes Told Darrell He Had a Great Season on ‘All Stars’ & Said He Was Extremely Funny in His Confessionals

After the final, Darrell posted a photo of himself competing in the final checkpoint on Instagram, writing, “Sometimes it be like that. Congrats @yesoneverything well deserved. Way to kick my ass up that mountain #TheChallengeAllStars @paramountplus.” His “Double Agents” co-star Wes commented, “Great season! Congrats. You performed well and for once were on my level of comedy.”

In response to fan comments, Wes also added, “I have to admit that now that he’s allowed to cuss he’s gonna give me a run for my money. It’s like MTV has been holding him back from using his super power for twenty years.”

Darrell also posted about the final on Twitter and offered his congratulations to Yes, writing, “Sorry everyone I did not live tweet but I have no service. Shout out to all my distant cousins for finishing the final. proud of y’all. Couldn’t have lost to a better dude congrats @actvstArchitect way to kick my ass up that mountain @paramountplus #TheChallengeAllStars.”

Wes Is Taking Some Time Off From ‘The Challenge’ to Focus on Other Projects

Unfortunately for fans of “The Challenge” star, fans won’t be able to see Wes on their screens for some time as he previously announced he would be taking some time off from the show after “Double Agents.” On February 26, 2021, Wes said he wouldn’t return for the 37th season because of another filming project he would be taking part in, this time with his company BetaBlox.

The two-time champ wrote, “I’ve been scared for months to release this news: I’m unable to return next season. I’ve got another show that I’m incredibly passionate about. I’m sorry to those I’m disappointing because of this decision. I’ll make it up to you.”

Wes didn’t say if he would be taking only one season off from the show or more, but earlier in the 36th season he told fans that a break from the show would be a benefit to his game since he’d become too big of a target in recent seasons.

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