The Challenge’s Wes Bergmann Explodes: ‘Do Better’

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The third episode of The Challenge: Double Agents saw a longtime Challenge star and fan-favorite, Wes Bergmann, get sent home after he was blindsided by his friends. Although he was ultimately voted in by Leroy Garrett, many believed that the move was actually planned by Leroy’s girlfriend Kam Williams.

However, any Challenge rivalry between Kam and Wes was put aside when Kam was attacked on social media by a troll. After someone posted negative and inappropriate comments about Kam, Wes was quick to respond to the individual. Here’s a screenshot of the original tweet and Wes’ response, which was liked by Kam (via Challenge News Now):

The exchange began when one user wrote, “No Kam, @WestonBergmann didn’t get outsmarted he got outnumbered. #teamWes #TheChallenge36.” In response to that message, a Twitter user wrote, “Right! She’s a total f****** idiot. Idk where she went to school or ‘IF’ she went to school but she talks like a stupid, ignorant, ghetto immigrant. Wes didn’t get outsmarted, he got out-competed, by Devin.”

Wes responded to the tweet and wrote: “Don’t ever speak this way about someone on The Challenge, or anyone for that matter. Do better. PS I’d bet anything you want that she’s smarter & more educated than you.”

The Challenge competitor Devin Walker, who is Wes’ friend and the one who ultimately eliminated him, also responded to the tweet and wrote, “Completely unacceptable tweet here. Idc who you’re a fan of or [rooting] for, do so with respect to every person that literally puts their life on the line in this game. Kam is a intelligent, strong, bada** competitor.”

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Wes Was Eliminated in the 3rd Episode & Said Kam Was Instrumental in Getting Him Sent In

Wes was ultimately defeated in elimination by his friend Devin, who was voted in by the house. In his confessional, he spoke about how terrible it felt to be betrayed by Leroy, who was supposed to be his friend and ally. After Wes’ exit, Kam said in her confessional that Wes was no longer the master manipulator because she said she outplayed him.

Wes then addressed those comments in an interview and said once Kam revealed that information, it became obvious why she targeted him despite him being willing to work with the couple. He told Entertainment Weekly that she “puppet mastered” her boyfriend Leroy into sending him in so she could try to take over his “brand” of being known as the master manipulator. He said “I think that she’s using him.”

My message to her is, ‘You can f—ing have it! Go ahead. You’re going to earn it the wrong way. Mine is all propaganda and branding but you are going to be a bad person, and you will get that brand, and it is not an easy cross to bear.’

What sucks is I’ve never crossed her. I’ve never insulted her. I’ve never said anything bad about her. There’s not one reason in a million years why I would ever go after her, there’s not one reason in a million years why she would say the things that she’s saying on this episode, with the exception of the common denominator is she cares so badly about taking my brand.

Kam Is Still on ‘Double Agents’ & Is Seeking Her 1st ‘Challenge’ Win

Double Agents is Kam’s fifth season on The Challenge but she’s still chasing her first win. She made it to two finals, on her rookie season of Vendettas and on War of the Worlds 2, however, she was eliminated during the final challenge both times. She’s accompanied on this season by her boyfriend Leroy, who’s also looking for his first win on his 12th (and final) appearance on The Challenge.

In a pre-season cast breakdown video, Leroy told Kam he and Wes had decided to work together this season and that move was initiated by Leroy himself. He said, “knowing that Bananas wasn’t coming, I called Wes and reached out and said ‘hey man, let’s work together this season, I got your back. I know that you’re gonna have a number one, you know I won’t say your name, you won’t say my name and we’re definitely gonna work together.’”

MTV’s The Challenge: Double Agents airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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