Wes Bergmann Says a Rookie on Double Agents ‘Got Robbed’

Wes Bergmann

MTV Wes Bergmann

There have been a lot of exciting new rookies to watch on the 36th season of The Challenge, from Olympian Lolo Jones to Survivor winner Natalie Anderson, Ultimate Beastmaster contestant Nam Vo and WWE wrestler Lio Rush. However, Wes Bergmann recently opened up about one Double Agents rookie in particular who he felt “got robbed” this season.

After the fourth episode, viewers discovered that rookie Olivia “Liv” Jawando was medically disqualified after she sustained an injury in the third episode’s Road Kill challenge. Wes took to Instagram Live to say that she’d been “robbed” of the opportunity to compete and went on to describe Liv as the “greatest rookie contribution I’ve seen in years,” CheatSheet reported.

Wes said Liv appeared to have “her hands in a ton of cookie jars” which could have “translated into incredible relevant and important stories.” However, the rookie didn’t end up getting much screen time before her early exit.

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Liv Was Medically Disqualified After Sustaining an Injury on the 3rd Episode of ‘The Challenge: Double Agents’

Liv, 21, is from Manchester, England, and first appeared on the U.K.’s Shipwrecked in 2019. However, she didn’t get much airtime during her Challenge debut and was involved in major house drama that didn’t make the final edit.

Fellow rookie Amber Martinez said that during episode three, she and Liv got into a major dispute over possible hookups involving Demetrius “Mechie” Harris. According to Amber, Mechie was flirting with both women and Liv was upset after he and Amber kissed. Amber said they confronted Mechie and he told Liv, “You’re my partner. I don’t really like you like that. I like Amber.” Amber continued, “I guess he’s told [Liv] before that he liked her, and the fact he said that in front of everybody, she got upset and she threw the water on him.”

Amber said Liv also got so upset with Mechie that she poured shampoo all over his bed and the two had a major fight that wasn’t aired. Following the episode, both Liv and Amber traded verbal jabs on social media.

Some time after she went home, Liv revealed to her followers on social media that she was pregnant. Sadly, on December 10 she shared that she’d suffered a miscarriage. Those posts have since been deleted from Instagram, but a screengrab is available via The Challenge Overdose Instagram. Liv did not provide the timeline for her pregnancy so it’s unclear if she was pregnant during the filming of Double Agents or not.

Before she suffered a miscarriage, Liv responded to a fan question asking if she’d appear on the MTV show again. She said in part, “I’d like to come back as soon as possible.”

After His Elimination, Wes Said He Wasn’t Sure If He’d Return for Another Season of the MTV Show

Wes Bergmann, who was eliminated in the third episode of the season, told Fessy Shafaat during his Instagram Live that “there ain’t a f****** chance in hell I’m going on the next season.” He said, “I need the jealousy to die down.” He said he’d “clean house” on Cameo and Patreon, let the “jealousy” die down, lift weights and return for season 38. “That, to me, is my gameplan cause the jealousy is just too real.”

He said the season was difficult for him because many people who he considered to be friends had turned on him and said negative things about him in their confessionals. However, he’s also said that if he takes a break from The Challenge he may not return as he has a lot going on with the entrepreneurial side of his life.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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