Wes Bergmann on Who Is the Best ‘Challenge’ Star of All Time

CT Tamburello Johnny Bananas

Facebook/MTV Johnny Bananas and CT Tamburello

Wes Bergmann is currently competing on “The Challenge: All Stars” season 3 along with many other legends and champions from the show and while he’s often listed as one of the greats, arguably the two greatest competitors are not on the season.

Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio has won the most seasons of “The Challenge” with seven while Chris “CT” Tamburello has won five total, with two of them coming back-to-back in the last two seasons as the competition has gotten fiercer and more cutthroat.

In an interview with Rolling Stone before season 3 of “All Stars” dropped, Wes was asked who he thought was the greatest of all time between CT and Bananas on “The Challenge,” himself excluded. “That’s a tough one,” Wes replied. “I’m going to ultimately say that it’s CT,” he added before explaining his reasoning.

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Wes Explained Why He Chose CT as ‘The Challenge’ GOAT Instead of Bananas

Wes explained to the publication how he came to that conclusion, saying, “I’m looking at both of those two guys, and I have to ask myself: Who would I rather not go into the elimination with? It’s C.T. Who would I rather not run a final against? It’s C.T. Who would I rather not compete against politically? It’s C.T. And so when you kind of look at those three main buckets, he’s the best.” He continued:

And then you start to give compliments to Bananas on the entertainment side. He’s more fun to watch navigate the politics. He’s got some one-liners in his interviews.

But then you realize, ‘Shoot, C.T.’s also funny, in his weird kind of way.’ So it’s like, that man checks off every box that we could be looking for, whether it’s in the scare factor, the size factor, the endurance factor, and quite frankly, even the entertainment factor. He’s got it all.

Wes added that it’s difficult not to call Bananas the GOAT of “The Challenge” since he’s won the most seasons overall, but concluded that CT is “the f****** man.”

Wes Also Addressed His Rivalry With Johnny Bananas

Wes was also asked about his rivalry with Bananas, which began as a fiery conflict between the two competitors and has now turned into more of a bantering friendship. “Bill Simmons once compared Bananas to Michael Jordan and you to Charles Barkley,” Rolling Stone told the “Real World: Austin” alum and asked him his impressions about the comparison.

“For whatever reason, my wife has the biggest crush on Charles Barkley, so I think it just fits,” Wes replied. “At the end of the day, Charles Barkley has a lot more fun in his life, right? He’s still working. He’s hilarious. People like him a lot. He might not have won as many championships, but he is a more fulfilled man. And in that respect, I would say that’s an apt comparison.”

New episodes from season 3 of “The Challenge: All Stars” drop every Wednesday on Paramount+.

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