Wes Bergmann Calls Out ‘The Challenge’ Champ: ‘One of the Worst Humans’

Wes Bergmann

MTV Wes Bergmann on 'The Challenge: All Stars 3'

Season 3 of “The Challenge: All Stars” is debuting this week and fans have been sharing their excitement at the stacked cast of competitors. The third season of the popular spinoff show, which airs on Paramount+, features the returning champions of both season 1 and season 2.

The first season featured only one winner, Yes Duffy, while the second season had a pair of champions in MJ Garrett and Jonna Mannion. However, while Yes became a fan favorite after his win in season 1 for his respectful and encouraging attitude, one all-star competitor didn’t agree with all the hype.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Wes was asked about everyone’s perception of Yes as an “innocent, sweet competitor.” He replied, “In my opinion, he’s actually one of the worst humans that’s graced the show, because he puts on this front like he’s such a great human, but those are sometimes the most dangerous humans that there are.” He added:

We all show up as wolves to play a very cutthroat game, and he shows up pretending he’s a sheep. But really, he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

And I think that’s almost worse, because we all acknowledge that we’re coming for each other. But he shows up in and hopes that we all roll out the red carpet for him and that he’s going to be treated like some angel of a human.

The two-time “Challenge” champion concluded, “He’s just as bad as the rest of us, if not worse, because he comes in under false pretenses.”

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Wes Also Shared the Names of the Competitors He Was the Most Excited to See

In the same Rolling Stone interview, Wes shared that there were some people he was happy to see in the “Challenge” house for the third season but they were mostly all cast members that he’s stayed in contact with over the years. He explained, “I keep in very good contact with Melinda [Collins] and Brad [Fiorenza] and Nehemiah [Clark] and a few others.”

Wes explained that his “known rivalries” in the house were going to be a bigger problem, singling out his conflicts with Derrick Kosinski and Darrell Taylor, Jordan Wiseley and Veronica Portillo. He said what he hadn’t counted on were all the people he hadn’t met going into the season with him already identified as a target.

“I didn’t really realize all the new people that were going to be there that I’d never met,” he shared. “So the MJs and the Yes’ or any of the gaggle of people that Veronica can manipulate. I was going to be walking in on Day One to [being] in everyone’s crosshairs, and I didn’t know it.”

Wes Posted a Screenshot of the Interview on Social Media, Prompting Many Replies From His Co-Stars

Wes shared the interview on his Instagram, posting a screenshot of the article titled, which was a quote from the “Real World: Austin” alum: “‘I’m Sitting Here at the Top of Genius Mountain’: Wes Bergmann on New Season of ‘The Challenge: All Stars.’” Wes captioned his photo, “I sit alone, atop a genius mountain – according to Rolling Stone.”

Mark Long commented, “Love this!!!” Kailah Casillas wrote, “And this is why your head is so big” with a crying laughing emoji. She added, “love you for it though.” Wes replied, “when Rolling Stone called you a genius you got really cocky too…oh wait….” MJ pointed out that it was a quote from Wes, not Rolling Stone, writing, “You referred to yourself as a genius Weston… they just printed it numb nuts.” Wes replied, “that’s not how I see it.”

Kendal Sheppard commented, “GTFO!!!” with several emojis crying with laughter. Wes also replied to his “All Stars 3” co-star, writing that he had a feeling she’d like it.

The first episode of “The Challenge: All Stars” season 3 will drop on Paramount+ on Wednesday, May 11.

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