‘The Challenge’ Star Reveals Note: ‘Are You Ready to Pull That Trigger?’

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The second half of the two-part final of “The Challenge: All Stars” is set to drop this Thursday on Paramount Plus and at this point, it’s still anybody’s game. Warning: This article contains spoilers for the eighth episode of “The Challenge: All Stars,” which dropped on Paramount Plus on May 20.

The final began on the heels of an intense seventh episode that saw a close nomination for the guys to determine who would be going into the last elimination of the show. During that episode, the votes were extremely close between Nehemiah Clark and Yes Duffy, but Nehemiah ended up getting one vote more and going into the Arena.

The episode showed Yes making a passionate speech about going into each day building real friendships with people in the house and it appeared to sway Aneesa Ferreira into voting for Nehemiah instead of Yes, causing a rift in her friendship with Jisela Delgado. Yes recently addressed that moment on social media and shared a note he wrote to himself after that deliberation.

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Yes Posted a Photo of a Note He Wrote to Himself in the House After the Intense Deliberation & Spoke About His Personal Hero

On May 25, Yes posted on Instagram a photo of a note he wrote to himself after the final “intense” deliberation. In the caption, he said, “I was supposed to be voted out of that house. I took out my mini notebook now and then to quickly re-align my thoughts and try to keep focus.” His note reads:

I walked into a firing squad with no weapons. No games. My purest self. ‘You were told to shoot me.’ Now are you ready to pull that trigger? Your choice. MLK never packed heat. He never shot back. If you harmed him you had to sit and face your own choice to be violent.

In his caption, he said his reference to Martin Luther King Jr. was because the civil rights leader is a “true hero of mine since I was a child.” He wrote, “I’m not saying I’m anything like MLK, or this is like anything he went through, but when I’m faced with intense conflicts out of my control, I find myself often wondering: ‘What would MLK do?'”

Yes explained that the plan was to vote him out of the house during those deliberations but after that intense nomination ceremony, it was important to “check in” on himself and write down his thoughts. “When you’re all alone, you gotta check in on yourself,” he wrote in his Instagram caption. “And feel purpose and pride in the work. Like whispering to myself quietly enough so nobody can hear. What a day that was. Respect to everyone in that moment.”

Yes Is in a Good Position Heading Into the Second Half of the Final Challenge

After the first half of the final challenge, Yes is in a great place in the points system, along with Darrell Taylor, Jonna Mannion and Kellyanne Judd. He had a dominating day, doing well at the puzzle and kayak checkpoint, as well as the bike-building challenge and showing his support to his various partners at each step of the way.

The “Road Rules: Semester at Sea” star was unknown by many “Challenge” fans heading into “All Stars” as he hadn’t been on a show in nearly 20 years, since the 6th season “Battle of the Sexes” in 2002. The 43-year-old father of two won “Challenge 2000” and competed in two other seasons before leaving reality TV to focus on his career, becoming an architect, fabricator and educator.

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