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The first half of “The Challenge: All Stars” season 3 saw a lot of action and drama including the start of a new rivalry among competitors. Warning: This article contains spoilers about the first 6 episodes of “All Stars” season 3, now airing on Paramount+.

Viewers got a hint that Wes Bergmann and Yes Duffy would not be getting along before the season even began airing when Wes shared in a Rolling Stone interview that he thought Yes was “one of the worst humans that’s graced the show.”

On May 18, Wes posted a lengthy thread on Twitter sharing his opinion of Yes, calling it, “The Yes exposé. A thread.” He shared a screenshot of an Instagram conversation between the two and said Yes slid into his DMs before the two ever talked to each other. “I attempted to not talk further by saying we will chat ‘on location,'” he continued. “But he just haaaadddd to chat. So I text to setup call. We chat. It’s cool. Normal shit.”

Wes said when they were in the hotel before “All Stars” began filming they also hung out because they were neighbors and everything was fine, with Yes “teaching” Wes the “All Stars way of playing fair,” according to Wes. The “Real World: Austin” alum then said when they were in the first Authority together, he decided to vote Yes’ way out of respect.

“The next Authority he says he heard me on Bananas podcast and that he disliked the way I play,” Wes continued. He wrote that Brad Fiorenza told Yes that Wes was being a “showman” but Yes still wanted to vote him in. “He claimed it was because I ‘enjoyed using the sabotage,'” Wes wrote, and then added that Yes was right about that.

Wes added that he didn’t use the sabotage on Yes, though, or even hint that he would. “He wanted me to cry that TJ was forcing me to do it,” Wes tweeted. “And then apologize to the world that I was making the game harder on someone.” Wes then wrote that after Yes won the next challenge, he decided to give his sabotage to Wes.

Wes wrote that he never crossed Yes or spoke badly about him until that point and that Yes’ actions hurt his feelings. “I don’t mind people pre-gaming,” Wes wrote. “I don’t mind people fake pre-gaming to lull me into submission and then cut me as soon as possible. I mind people who do the above and don’t own it. It’s fake. It’s inauthentic. He’s just as unfair and cutthroat as the rest of us.”

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Yes Shared Some Screenshots of His Full Conversation With Wes & Told His Co-Star to Call Him If He Wanted to Talk

After Wes tweeted that Yes was the one who reached out to him first, Yes confirmed the information and joked, “I’m selling it as an NFT for 1ETH. Learning from the best,” likely in reference to Wes tweeting that a full recap with photos of the DMs would be available on his Patreon account.

Yes then shared three screenshots in reply to Wes’ tweets showing their Instagram conversation and Wes reaching out to him via text message after Yes had given him his number:

After another tweet about him by Wes, Yes eventually answered his co-star and told him simply to give him a call to resolve their issues. “Wes, call me if you wanna talk,” Yes wrote on May 13. “I’m old school, you know, I answer the phone. Not on Twitter much.”

Wes Eliminated Yes in Episode 5 of ‘All Stars 3’

The fifth episode of “All Stars 3” saw some major changes in the rules of the game, including that only two players would be in the Authority instead of six. These two players would then choose who to put in elimination and the nominated competitors have the power to call out their arena opponent.

Mark Long and Sylvia Elsrode won the challenge, making them the Authority. Since Brad Fiorenza felt that he would be called into elimination by Mark’s initial choice of MJ Garrett, Wes decided to volunteer for the arena to save Brad and choose his own opponent. Once on the sand, Wes called out Yes to face in the elimination and was able to defeat his new rival, sending the season 1 champ home.

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