P-Nuff Crunch on ‘Shark Tank’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Puff Crunch Shark Tank

ABC/Christopher Willard Juan Salinas shows off Puff Crunch to the sharks on ABC's Shark Tank.

Entrepreneur, scientist and former competitive body builder Juan Salinas took his healthy snack product, P-Nuff Crunch, to the sharks on ABC’s Shark Tank to try to score an investment.

Salinas pitched his product to sharks Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner, Barbara Corcoran and guest shark Kendra Scott, founder and CEO of Kendra Scott Jewelry. Keep an eye out for Cuban on this product, as he’s often the shark that invests in healthy snacks and foods.

According to the episode synopsis, Salinas, “a scientist and former competitive body builder from West Orange, New Jersey, asks the Sharks to work it out as he pitches his healthy take on a beloved snack food.”

Here’s what you should know about P-Nuff Crunch:

1. The Snack Food Was Created With Health and Fitness in Mind


According to the P-Nuff Crunch website, the snack food was created in order to satisfy all cravings.

“P-Nuff Crunch was created with the consumer’s health and fitness in mind – to bring the world a snack food that’s not only satisfying and delicious but will provide your body with the nutrients it needs and deserves,” the website reads.

The snack is also perfect for vegans and vegetarians, as it is made with complete plant-based proteins.

2. The Company Was Created in 2015

P-Nuff Crunch is sold under the brand of Perfect Life Nutrition, LLC, which makes plant-based snacks that are high in protein.

“The company was created in June 2015 following the dream of Dr. Juan Salinas of developing snacks that were not only healthy but nutritious for active kids and adults,” the website reads. “He got started after spending over 20 years working as a snack developer.”

Salinas made the snack food because he was passionate about health and fitness and wanted to find a way to combine that with his knowledge of food science and sports and exercise nutrition.

3. Perfect Life Nutrition, LLC is a Family-Run Business


Perfect Life Nutrition, LLC is a family-run business that is headed up by Salinas. According to an interview with Rutgers, Salinas grew up in Honduras and moved to New Jersey when he was done with high school. Once in the United States, he spent six months learning the language and later started college.

While at college, he found that he loved working out and taking care of his body, but he was working for food companies that made foods that were unhealthy.

“I always felt that I couldn’t really eat the foods I was making,” he said. “They just weren’t for me. I wanted to try to introduce products that had nutritional value.”

4. The P-Nuff Crunch is the Only Puff Product With Plant-Based Protein Included

According to the P-Nuff Crunch website, they are the only puff product snack that includes plant-based nutrition as an ingredient.

“P-Nuff Crunch is a baked peanut puff snack that is healthy, nutritious and delicious,” the website claims. “We are the only baked puff snack made from protein-filled peanuts, fiber-full navy beans, and energy-lasting rice.”

The products are made from natural ingredients and do not include any added flavors or preservatives.

5. The Product is Available in Three Flavors

At the time of writing, P-Nuff Crunch can be purchased in three separate flavors. The flavors available are Roasted Peanut & Cocoa, Roasted Peanut & Cinnamon and Roasted Peanut.

The products are available to purchase in packs of six for $24.96 on the company website. There are also variety packs available. The serving size for each of the flavors is 28 grams or about 28 pieces, and they come in at around 130 calories with 5g of protein per serving.

Tune in to ABC’s Shark Tank to see if Salinas can get a deal on his healthy protein snack alternative.

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