Pedro Jimeno’s Family Update on His Mother & Sister Lidia & Nicole

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Instagram Pedro Jimeno's sister Nicole and his mother Lidia will be featured on Season 2 of "The Family Chantel."

Pedro Jimeno’s mother Lidia and his sister Nicole will both be featured on the newest season of The Family Chantelwhich premieres Monday, October 12 at 9 p.m. ET. The new season promises plenty of drama, tears, fights and (even more) family feuds as Pedro and his wife Chantel attempt to build a future together while their families do everything they can to tear them apart.

Fans of Chantel and Pedro’s love story should already be familiar with Pedro’s family, who have been featured alongside the reality couple since they first appeared on 90 Day Fiancé in 2016. Lidia and Nicole have played a significant role in Pedro and Chantel’s ongoing marital issues over the last few years, and are deeply involved in a contentious (and often explosive) feud with Chantel and her family.

With all eyes on Pedro, Chantel and their dynamic family feud, fans might be wondering what’s going on with their families today. Keep reading for an update on Pedro’s mother and sister ahead of the Season 2 premiere of The Family Chantel: 

Nicole Has a New Boyfriend Named Alejandro Who Lives in New York

In the clip above, Pedro’s sister Nicole tells her friend Coraima that she’s “super in love,” with her new boyfriend Alejandro, 27, who she’s been dating for several months. The reality star explains that although Alejandro is Dominican, he currently lives in New York, so they are dating long distance. She says he sends her many gifts and she hopes to move in with him soon.

“We’ve been together for a few months and I nicknamed him ‘my chichi,'” Nicole says during a confessional. “Alejandro is a very attentive man. Alejandro gifts me shoes, a watch, a cell phone. I love it because it’s another way that he shoes me his love.” She later adds, “I have been to New York twice to see Alejandro. A long-distance relationship is very complicated, but I’m going next month to New York. I want to live with Alejandro in New York and I hope that it happens very soon.”

Although Nicole appears head-over-heels smitten for Alejandro in the clip above, the official trailer for Season 2 promises some tension between Pedro and Alejandro after the two meet for the first time. At the 1:14 mark in the clip below, Pedro meets her sister’s boyfriend for drinks, although he doesn’t appear impressed. At one point he asks Alejandro, “Bro, you’re kidding with me no?” and when Alejandro says no, Pedro says, “This guy blow my mind.”

It looks like Pedro’s relationship with Nicole might be rocky this season as well, despite how close the two have always appeared in the past. Another clip from the promo sees Pedro shouting at his sister and accusing of her of being a “liar” who’s “full of lies,” so fans have plenty of drama to look forward to this season. You can check out the full promo above.

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Lidia Remained in the Dominican Republic During the COVID Outbreak

While Pedro and Chantel were quarantined in the U.S., it looks like Lidia remained home alone in the Dominican Republic when the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the globe. Although Nicole usually resides with her mother, the reality star stayed in New York during quarantine, which didn’t sit well with Pedro. Earlier this year, Pedro accused his sister of “abandoning” their mother and fleeing to New York amid the coronavirus outbreak.

“Talk to Nicole. She’s the one who abandoned you there. You knew what was happening, sister,” Pedro said during a three-way FaceTime call on a June episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Self-Quarantined. “You left mom in the Dominican Republic alone. And you knew very well what was going on.”

Although Nicole tried to defend herself, she felt bad for leaving their mother behind. “I didn’t do this to my mom on purpose,” Nicole explained during the episode. “I didn’t know this was all going to happen. I never intended to leave my mom all alone. And they look at it differently, that I did this on purpose. But I never imagined this would all happen.”

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Mi hermosa madre

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Aside from her appearance on Self-Quarantined earlier this year, Pedro’s mother has primarily remained out of the spotlight in 2020. Since Lidia doesn’t appear to have much of a social media presence, we have limited updates on the reality star at this time. However, Pedro and Nicole both post about their mother on Instagram every once in a while, so it appears they are still on good terms with their mother despite the distance between them.

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