Phoozy on ‘Shark Tank’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Phoozy Shark Tank


Entrepreneurs Kevin Conway and Josh Inglis took their company, Phoozy, to the investors on ABC’s Shark Tank to see if they could score a deal from one of the investors in the Tank.

According to the episode synopsis, the pair of entrepreneurs, who are from Charlotte, North Carolina and Atlanta Georgia, “is over the moon about their spacesuit-influenced gadget guard.”

The entrepreneurs pitched their company to Sharks Kevin O’Leary, Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Daymond John and Robert Herjavec.

Here’s what you should know about Phoozy from Shark Tank: 

1. Phoozy Offers Protection for Devices

Phoozy was thought of by Kevin Conway after his phone shut down from overheating.

“The PHOOZY was born out of my frustration of having my phone overheat and shut down when I was outside on a hot summer day or freeze when I was snowboarding,” Conway said, according to the company website. “Having your phone overheat and shut down or sink to the bottom of a lake or river is a sure way to ruin a great adventure.”

The Phoozy was created in order to allow people to live more carefree, adventurous lives.

2. Phoozy Was Adapted From Spacesuit Technology

Though the company started by offering thermal protection for smartphones, it has since expanded to multiple different types of products.

“Adapted from spacesuit technology designed to protect astronauts from the extreme temperatures of space, the Thermal Capsule keeps your smartphones, iPads and tablets from getting too hot in the sun while prolonging battery life in extreme heat and cold – from the beach, the boat, to the mountain top.”

The capsule also floats, meaning that phones or other devices cannot sink to the bottom of a body of water.

3. Kevin Conway Was a Professional Race Car Driver

According to the company website, Conway worked as a professional race car driver with NASCAR, becoming the NASCAR Cup Series Rookie of the Year and the FIA Lamborghini Super Trofeo World Champion. He is a current driver in the GT4 America Series.

Conway still loves being outside, surfing, snowboarding and cycling, and he used proprietary materials adapted from those used in spacesuits and race cars to create the first prototype for Phoozy.

He also ensured that Phoozy could provide military-grade drop protection for phones, tablets and other devices.

4. Josh Inglis Has a Background in Business

According to the Phoozy website, Inglis has an Ivy League MBA and is an internet savant as well as a lover of scuba diving and snow skiing. He had a background working in eCommerce at, and he wanted to work with Phoozy because he had the same problems that Conway did with his phone.

Conway compared going on Shark Tank to the biggest sports event of the year for the company, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“This is the Super Bowl for small businesses,” Conway told the outlet. “I am excited and a bit nervous about how they edit us.”

Inglis told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that it was his dream to be on Shark Tank. 

“I’ve definitely seen every episode,” he told the outlet.

5. Phoozy Products Are Available to Purchase Online

A full range of Phoozy products, including protection made for phones, tablets, and laptops, are available to purchase online through the company website and Amazon.

Depending on which product is selected, prices range from $30 to $70, and they come in a variety of designs.

Tune in to Shark Tank to see if the co-founders get a deal from one of the Sharks.

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