Leah McSweeney Makes Final Decision About Returning to RHONY

Leah McSweeney

NBCUMV Leah McSweeney in 2019

Leah McSweeney has made her final decision about whether or not she will be returning to The Real Housewives of New York. 

On September 21, McSweeney posted an Instagram announcing that she had recently signed with the talent agency WME. On the post, one person commented, “Yes. Let’s see if they can negotiate for a real raise!” In response, McSweeney wrote, “I’m comin back. My work here isn’t done yet!”

Last week, TMZ reported that McSweeney may not be coming back to the franchise, as Bravo wouldn’t offer her a large enough raise. However, McSweeney fans rejoice, because it looks like she’s coming back for another exciting and drama-filled season of The Real Housewives of New York. 

Leah McSweeney Was Nervous When She First Joined the Franchise

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During a May 2020 interview with In The Know, McSweeney revealed that she was nervous when she first began appearing on The Real Housewives of New York. “When I knew I was possibly going to be on the show, I tried watching the season that was going on, […] and I couldn’t do it, because I would start getting massive anxiety being like, ‘How am I going to connect to them? They’re nothing like me. This is scaring me, and I’m freaking out,’” McSweeney said to In The Know. “I mean, of course, I’ve watched the show in the past, but I wasn’t a ‘New York’ fanatic or anything, so I wanted to go in there just as authentic as possible.”

McSweeney continued, telling In The Know, “I have friends [from] all walks of life and a very eclectic group of friends and people that I know. Right now, we’re in a time where everything is very polarized, right? And we’re like, ‘You don’t believe this? Then I hate you, and we don’t agree on this,’ But, actually, you can find things with people that you may have nothing in common with — you don’t think — you have something in common with them. So, I go into it with an open mind and an open heart, and that’s just how I try to live my life as much as possible.”

Fans Really Seem to Like Leah McSweeney

When the news came out that McSweeney may not be returning to The Real Housewives of New York for Season 13, fans went wild. Many fans of the show really seem to have taken a liking to McSweeney. One fan wrote on Twitter, “#LeahMcSweeney proved she could bring it. She is worth her weight & then some. They need to drop some others who get paid a ridiculous amount for nothing but showing off their newest apartments.” Another fan wrote on Twitter, “#LEAHMCSWEENEY IS THE NEW QUEEN OF RHONY! LEAH KNOWS HER WORTH, SO JUST GIVE HER WHAT SHE DESERVES! THE FANS WILL THANK YOU!”

With the recent news confirming that McSweeney will be returning to The Real Housewives of New York, fans seemed overjoyed. Responding to the news, one fan wrote on Twitter,Yay! Best housewife addition in any franchise! #teamleah

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