Sonja Morgan Speaks out About Century 21 Closing

Sonja Morgan

Getty Sonja Morgan in 2019

Last week, the department store Century 21 filed for bankruptcy, and it is affecting Sonja Morgan from The Real Housewives of New York in a major way. This past season on the show, viewers watched as Morgan inked a deal to sell her clothing line, Sonja by Sonja Morgan,  in their stores, but unfortunately, that deal is no more, as Century 21 will be closing all of its locations.

“I found a family there and a home for my collection,” Morgan recently told Page Six. “All these years I was looking for the right place.” Morgan also added that she “felt like the rug had been pulled from under” her, and that she had turned down other retailers in order to work with Century 21, according to Page Six.

Morgan also revealed to Page Six that she had a special project in the works when Century 21 announced that they would be shuttering their doors. “I was going to be Chief Lifestyle Officer taking people on shopping sprees. Helping people who have gone through a hard time before the pandemic,” Morgan told Page Six. “I was going to be helping people at this point in my life — that’s what I was looking forward to. It was going to be soul food to make me feel better on a day-to-day level. It was not just about raising millions. I was just going to go on a day-to-day level with Century 21, and help people with a $500 shopping spree.”

Morgan seemed very sad that Century 21 will be closing soon. “I don’t plan on going to Century 21 for a last [time]. I can’t even bring myself to do that,” Morgan told Page Six.

Morgan’s Clothing Collection Was a Large Part of Her Storyline This Season

During this season 12 of The Real Housewives of New York, viewers got to see all of the hard work that Morgan put into her clothing line. From seeing her meetings with Century 21 corporate, to her fashion show during New York fashion week, to her clothing launch at the Century 21 stores, her collection was a large part of her storyline this season. From what viewers saw on the show, Morgan put a lot of time and effort into making sure the line was a success.

On September 10, the Sonja by Sonja Morgan Instagram page posted a tribute to their time with Century 21. The caption read, “Grateful to have partnered with the iconic @century21stores. As a #NYC institution and beyond, they will be sadly missed.⁠😪”

Morgan Recently Spoke About Her Clothing Line in an Interview

During an April 2020 interview with Reality Blurb, Morgan spoke about her clothing line as well as her previous business ventures. “I got a lot of flack for having a lot of balls in the air at once and a lot of cookie jars but when things were down for me, I had to line up my ducks and be ready,” Morgan said to Reality Blurb. “When I was going through financial stress, divorce, and that lawsuit, I had to be ready. People laughed when I said ‘International Lifestyle Brand,’ but that’s what I have.”

Morgan continued, telling Reality Blurb, “I was happy to crawl before I walk. I’m definitely not running but I appreciate the viewers believing in me and being by my side all of these years.”

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