Why Teddi Mellencamp is Rumored to Be Getting Fired From RHOBH

Teddi Mellencamp

Getty Teddi Mellencamp in 2019

If you’re a Teddi Mellencamp fan, there might be some bad news heading your way, because it’s rumored that Mellencamp may be getting fired from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills soon.

On September 21, The Daily Mail reported that Mellencamp allegedly won’t be coming back for another season. A production insider told the publication that “Teddi will be advised this week that she will not be picked up for another season.” Mellencamp has been on the show since Season 8 and became quick friends with costar Kyle Richards.

The insider continued, telling The Daily Mail, “The network has not been impressed with her performance on the show. They considered cutting her last season but gave her one last chance.” The insider also said that Mellencamp is “boring and stale and does not offer anything to the franchise with her robotic and staged delivery when interacting with the other cast members.”

For the past few months, rumors have been swirling that Mellencamp was about to be axed from the franchise. However, there has been no official word from Bravo yet.

Mellencamp Has Come Under Fire on Social Media Recently

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Throughout the past few weeks, Mellencamp’s diet program called All In By Teddi has come under fire on social media. Influencer Emily Gellis began to post anonymous screenshots of people writing to her who had done Mellencamp’s diet, with many writing in their negative experiences with the diet. Many wrote to Gellis that they felt like it was extremely unhealthy and promoted disordered eating. Gellis also obtained videos that Mellencamp had sent her clients, allegedly instructing them only to eat a small portion of oatmeal for breakfast, 1/2 cup of fruit, 1/2 cup of cooked brown rice with vegetables for lunch, half an avocado for a snack, and “low sodium” soup for dinner–plus an hour of cardio each day. Mellencamp’s two-week jumpstart program costs $599 and none of their coaches have any fitness or health certifications, as it states on their website.

Many people have been calling out Mellencamp about the diet on social media, and recently, she turned off her comments on her more recent Instagram posts. Mellencamp responded to the “hate” on Instagram and dedicated a podcast episode to defending herself and the diet, which she has spoken about extensively on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. In a video posted to Instagram on September 15, Mellencamp said, “I just wanted to talk a second about All In. For one, I wanted to say I love All In.  I am so incredibly proud of the over 15,000 lives we have helped changed. I am so proud of all of our clients, I love all of our coaches, I love that I can wake up every single day and feel good about what I do. I live and breathe it, and 100% feel confident in the fact that we let you know before signing up exactly what the program entails…”

However, with all of this negative social media attention, it could factor into Bravo’s decision whether to bring back Mellencamp or not.

Mellencamp Recently Addressed Rumors That She Wasn’t Coming Back to the Show

Rumors have swirled during the past few weeks that Mellencamp would be getting fired from the franchise. Mellencamp responded to the rumors on her Instagram story on Setpember 8, claiming that she would tell her fans if she was, in fact, actually fired. While sitting in front of a fireplace, Mellencamp wrote, “For those of you messaging me about some rumor posted yesterday re: my return to #RHOBH-zero truth to it so need to message me worried about it or hating on me because of it. I will always be authentic and honest when things occur.” Mellencamp played a song by Lindsay Lohan called “Rumors” in the background of the Instagram story.

However, Mellencamp has yet to officially announce whether or not she will be coming back to the show. Fans will just have to wait and see what the future will hold for Mellencamp.

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