Former RHOM Star Blasts Alexia Echevarria for Outing Dead Husband as Gay

Alexia Echevarria

Getty Alexia Echevarria in 2015.

A former “Real Housewives of Miami” costar has slammed Alexia Echevarria for revealing her dead husband was gay.

Alexia returned to RHOM with a storyline that shocked viewers. Alexia learned her late- husband Herman, who she was married to throughout the show’s first three seasons, was gay and he’d had a gay lover he was providing for. Herman died in 2016. And she revealed this all on Season 4 of the show.

And that didn’t sit well with a certain former castmate.

Here’s everything you need to know:

Lea Black Slammed Alexia for Revealing Herman’s Affair Without Him Being Able to Defend Himself

Former RHOM star, Lea Black, who was friends with Herman, found insult in Alexia airing his affair on national television.

“See, I was close to Alexia’s husband. I was never close to Alexia. And I heard some things that are, if true, I’m going to make a big stand-up and defend Herman … on his behalf, if what I’ve heard is true about things that are been said about him through her on the show,” Lea said on the Behind The Velvet Rope With David Yontef podcast.

Lea said it was “not fair” that Alexia was speaking of him without Herman being able to defend himself.

“He’s not here to defend himself,” she said. “And he did nothing but lavish [Alexia] with luxury for years.”

In season 4 Alexia revealed Herman had been in a serious relationship with a man, and she even confronted the man to hear more details about their secret relationship.

Lea gushed about how incredible Herman was, saying he was “an amazing human being” and “really good guy.”

“I hope they don’t try to take that away from him,” she said hoping the show would show “the contributions he made to a lot of things in the world, to the community, Miami, to his businesses, taking care of her and her kids and his family.”

In the early seasons of the show, there were rumors that Herman was gay, something Alexia always rebutted. Co-stars Joanna Krupa and Karent Sierra accused Herman of being gay in 2012, according to Distractify.

“Joanna is crazy, volatile, and aggressive. Karent is a clown, a liar, and passive-aggressive. Together they are the Devilish Duo!” Alexia wrote in a December 2012 blog. “I was hurt and disgusted when I saw Karent and Joanna trying to stir up nonsense about my relationship of 13 years with my husband, Herman.”

Alexia Says She Wasn’t Surprised Lea Black Did Not Return to the Show for Season 4

Lea appeared on the show from seasons 1-3 but did not return for the Peacock reboot and Alexia has a theory about why that didn’t happen.

“Lea [not returning] didn’t surprise me,” she told ET on December 16, 2021. “I feel like everybody has a time period. And she was a big part of the show in seasons one through three — but eight years have happened, and what really keeps the show going are the women’s relationships. And honestly? She doesn’t have a relationship with any of us.”

Alexia went on to say that Lea would not have fit in with the cast for season 4.

“It would’ve been weird if they would’ve brought her because she really doesn’t have a relationship with any of us, And I feel that that’s such a key factor in this kind of show. At the end– you can have a disagreement, you can have your opinion, you can fight about it, but at the end, it has to be that bond.”

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