Fans Think Alexia Umansky is a ‘Literal Clone’ of Her Mom Kyle Richards

Kyle Richards Alexia Umansky

Getty Kyle Richards and Alexia Umansky.

Kyle Richards is not a cast member of “Buying Beverly Hills,” but close your eyes and you might think she is.

“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star’s husband, Mauricio Umansky, and two of their four daughters, Farrah and Alexia, are stars of the Netflix real estate reality show. Richards previously told Insider she was “excited” for her husband and daughters, but noted she was too busy with the Housewives, acting, and producing to appear on their show.

Umansky told Us Weekly that there was also a conflict with his wife’s contract with Bravo. “I think that’s just an issue between networks,” he said.

But when it comes to “Buying Beverly Hills,” fans don’t have to miss Richards too much, because her middle daughter is her “literal clone,” some viewers think.

Here’s what you need to know:

RHOBH Fans Think Alexia Umansky Looks & Sounds Exactly Like Her Mom

“Buying Beverly Hills” follows a group of seasoned and up-and-coming realtors at Umansky’s luxury brokerage firm, The Agency. Farrah, 34, has been working for her dad for a while, but Alexia, 26, is still a junior agent.

In multiple scenes, Alexia is seen on confessionals and sometimes in tears as the pressures of the business get to her. The Emerson College graduate has long dark hair like her mom and has a similar voice. Even her personality is similar to that of the RHOBH star.

On social media, fans reacted to the similarities between the famous mom and her lookalike daughter.

In a Reddit thread, one viewer wrote, “I  am currently watching Buying Beverly Hills & oh my gosh Alexia sounds EXACTLY the same as Kyle!! … their inflections, tone, facial expressions, like whoaaa.”

“Alexia is literally Kyle’s carbon copy,” another wrote. “Alexia is Kyle’s twin in every single aspect,” another fan agreed.

“Watching Kyle Richard’s daughter Alexia on TV it feels like a time capsule was open and pulled Kyle out from 30 years ago lol. They are literally the same person,” another wrote on Twitter.

“Alexia Umansky is a literal clone of Kyle,” wrote another fan.

Kyle Richards Helped Prepare Her Daughters for Reality TV

While Richards isn’t on “Buying Beverly Hills,” she did help prepare her daughters, despite the fact that she once said she wouldn’t want them to be on reality TV. Richards previously told Australia’s TV Week (via Wonderwall) that she “would strongly advise against” her daughters having careers on television. “I wouldn’t let them,” she said. “Two of my girls are in real estate. They’re businesswomen, and I like that they’re on that path.”

Once the TV bug bit her daughters, Richards gave them advice. Alexia told Pop Sugar that her mom helped her with everything from fashion to tips on staying calm on camera. “My mom styled me every day,” she said. “So you’re going to see a lot of duplicate outfits of hers and mine on ‘Housewives’ and ‘Buying Beverly Hills.'”

“This was something totally out of my comfort zone, so she was that grounding support,” Alexia added. “She’s had so much experience [and] so many tips throughout the whole entire thing.”

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