INTERVIEW: Amy Phillips & Stuart O’Keeffe Dish on Their New ‘Real Housewives’ Parody Cookbook

Amy Phillips

C/O William Morrow & Dey Street Books Amy Phillips and Stuart O'Keeffe

This isn’t my plate, you f****** b****, but now, it can be!

Recently, Heavy got the chance to catch up with two “Real Housewives” superfans,  comedian Amy Phillips and Chef Stuart O’Keeffe, who just published the first-ever “Housewives” cookbook: “COOK IT, SPILL IT, THROW IT: The Not-So Real Housewives Parody Cookbook.”

After the two realized that some of the most iconic moments on the franchises involved food (can you say Luann de Lesseps’ eggs a la francais?), publishing a cookbook was a no-brainer.  The book features all different kinds of Housewives-inspired recipes, like Morally Corrupt Satay Res-sticks and the Go To Sleep Kelly Beantini.

“I’ll always watch ‘Housewives’ with my friend, Chris, he’ll come over on a Wednesday for Beverly Hills night,” O’Keeffe explained about how the idea came to life. “I just was like, has anybody ever brought out a Housewives cookbook, or like an actual book based on all of the franchises that will kind of poke fun at the women and just the situation? There are so many things that go on, and the ‘Housewives’ are memorable and iconic and so forth. But I just was like, there’s just no way I can do it on my own.”

“When I finally absorbed what it was, I was like, all they do is go to brunch, lunch, dinner, drinks,” Phillips said. “They have to go somewhere to have a scene to have a fight, and no one really eats. You see the food, but when somebody does eat, you notice it. It’s always surrounded around a table and drinks and they’re always throwing stuff. And I was like, why hasn’t anybody come up with this? I signed onto the idea faster than a Housewife flees a reunion couch.”

The New Cookbook Has Andy Cohen’s Stamp of Approval

Not only does “COOK IT, SPILL IT, THROW IT” have the support of some “Real Housewives” stars, it also has a stamp of approval from Andy Cohen himself. The Bravo host wrote the foreword, which Phillips explained was funny, because since when do cookbooks have forewords? However, both Phillips and O’Keeffe maintained that this is more than just a cookbook.

“It’s more than just a cookbook because we really go back and we recount,” Phillips said. “I write all the little headers before, you know, after the recipe title, there’s a description that takes you back to those moments, like the family van veggie lasagna. We revisit those moments and I take you back and I remind you about what happened and, and why we’re making this into a family dish, because the food was a family van. So there is more to it than just the recipes.”

Phillips continued about Cohen’s foreword, “What is unbelievable is that when he sent it back, I don’t know if he discovered things along the way, but he really took a journey and it was like an incredible homage to the ladies.”

Phillips and O’Keeffe Had to Get Creative When Putting Together the Book

When writing “COOK IT, SPILL IT, THROW IT: The Not-So Real Housewives Parody Cookbook,” the pair had to get creative when coming up with some of the recipes.

“It was such a new thing to try to figure out, how to connect the dots together between the food and the actual moment,” Phillips said. “It was kind of a two-way street where I would come to Stuart with, ‘We have to do mention at all!’ But that didn’t happen at a dinner table, you know, that happened on a couch in the Berkshires with Ramona and Bethenny. So how do we make that work?”

Phillips continued, “We took a little alliteration, we took a little liberty with that. We did a ‘Mention it all alfredo,’ and you know, when you serve it, you’ve gotta put the breadsticks in a V-shape to represent Bethenny’s legs. So you know, that was kind of working backward.”

“COOK IT, SPILL IT, THROW IT: The Not-So Real Housewives Parody Cookbook” comes out on Nov. 16, 2021, and can be purchased wherever books are sold.

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