Former ‘Real Housewives’ Star Emailed Andy Cohen Over Concerns About His Son

Andy Cohen.

Getty Images Andy Cohen got a strange email from a former reality star.

As a dad in the public eye, Andy Cohen has gotten used to receiving unsolicited comments about his two kids, Ben and Lucy. For the most part, Cohen tends to ignore criticisms when it comes to how he raises his children. In fact, he doesn’t even allow people to comment on his Instagram Stories, which is where he shares the most content about his little ones.

However, there are some people who have actually reached out to Cohen up to make comments about his kids. While it doesn’t happen often, he did recently share an instance where he got a call from a former “Real Housewives” star.

On the May 26, 2023, episode of the “B**** Sesh” podcast, Cohen revealed that former RHONY star Aviva Drescher actually emailed him to let him know that she thought that his son looked tired.

“Aviva, out of no where, emailed and said, ‘I’ve been following on Instagram and it looks like your son isn’t getting enough sleep,'” Cohen said. He didn’t offer a response to Drescher’s message.

Drescher appeared on season 5 and 6 of RHONY as a full-time star.

Here’s what you need to know:

Andy Cohen Has Called Out Trolls on Instagram

Sometimes, Cohen gets messages on social media about his kids and he shares them online. In September 2021, for example, someone sent him a message and wrote, “You should try and be a better person for your son.” Cohen was quick to respond.

“What am I doing wrong?” Cohen asked.

“Oh wow didn’t expect a response, I was just being a troll. You’re doing fine. Sry,” the person responded.

“I am indeed a real person,” Cohen said, adding, “Thanks for understanding.”

“It’s so cool that you responded. You probably shouldn’t confront trolls though,” the person added, to which Cohen responded, “You probably shouldn’t troll people though.”

Cohen later shared a screenshot the exchange on his Instagram feed, adding the caption, “social media in a nutshell…”

Andy Cohen Offers Fans a Real Look Into His Life as a Father

Cohen chooses to share various moments with his kids on social media, though he also doesn’t over do it. In fact, he often hides his son’s face from view, offering a level of privacy.

However, Cohen is relatable to many parents and has shared some of the fun moments — and some of the tough moments — that he has experienced as a single dad.

In May 2023, Cohen released a public apology of sorts after a fight with his 4-year-old.

“My apologies if you were in the West Village on Hudson Street this morning and saw me absolutely lose my mind,” he said on his Instagram Stories, according to People magazine. “Ben was upset that he was wearing shorts and wanted to change. He won, he won, he won. We went back up and changed,” he continued, later adding, “I explained, it’s gonna be 80 today, but he won, and we move on.”

On May 6, 2023, Cohen shared a photo of the back of Ben’s head at his first ever Cardinals game.

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