Andy Cohen Explains Why He Chose to Delete His Comment From Lisa Rinna’s Instagram

Andy Cohen

Getty Images Fans are reacting after Andy Cohen seemingly deleted a comment on Lisa Rinna's Instagram post.

After Bravo released the trailer for the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” season 12 reunion, Lisa Rinna decided to make a post mocking Kathy Hilton.

Rinna shared a caricature of herself as an M&M candy and used a line that Hilton said at the reunion as her caption.

“You fight with everybody. What you did to my sister [Kim Richards], and you drove Lisa Vanderpump off the show? I mean, the list can go on and on,” Hilton said during the reunion taping, before adding, “You are the biggest bully in Hollywood, and everyone knows it.”

“The biggest bully in Hollywood, And everyone knows it,” Rinna’s echoed in her caption.

It didn’t take long for fans to flood the comments section of the post, some in support of Rinna and others criticizing the reality star over her behavior throughout season 12 — especially toward the end.

Some fans were surprised to see a comment from Andy Cohen on the post, as he dropped four clapping hands emoji, according to Hollywood Life. As his comment was receiving plenty of feedback from Instagram users, Cohen appears to have deleted it from Rinna’s photo.

Heavy has reached out to Cohen for comment on the matter, but he also addressed his decision to delete the comment on his own.

“I think he doesn’t take everything so deep as we do. He’s amused by the drama and doesn’t take sides, just observes and allows himself to be entertained by it all. Rinna joking herself about being a bully amused him and he applauded the balls of it. I don’t think it’s that deep,” someone tweeted.

“You nailed it man,” Cohen responded. In the time since, Rinna has deleted the whole post.

Here’s what you need to know:

Several Fans Are Upset Over Cohen’s Apparent Support of Rinna

Cohen’s comment on Rinna’s Instagram post racked up lots of reaction, but his deletion also stirred conversation over on Reddit. Several fans expressed their disapproval of Cohen and many think it’s time he steps down as host of the reunion shows.

“Andy needs to be removed as moderator for the reunions. this proves his bias, unreliability and his complete out of touch-ness with the fans,” one Redditor suggested.

“I agree. Its gotten worse as time went on. But then again, who could they replace him with?” someone else asked.

“Welp, here is the proof that a Cohen should be removed from whatever power he has with these shows, he is NOT objective at all-the public despises Rinnas brand of blackhearted, grasping, toxic manipulation, we laugh at her silly teenage lingo and awful try hard eyewear choices, and we are collectively bored with her claims of victimhood and stupid social media stunts… yet….he applauds it…” a third comment read.

“I lost all respect for him. I mean, I lost respect for him a long time ago, but that was just pure icing. He is a true fraud. He acts like he is so into anti bullying, gay rights, being kind, respectful. In reality, he is the master manipulator who clearly has his favorites and not only allows the behavior, he condones it,” a fourth Reddit user added.

Cohen Previously Admitted That He Makes a Conscious Effort Not to Take Sides

Cohen has been hosting these reality television show reunions for years but things have certainly changed for him the longer he’s been on the air.

“I get very upset because it’s a very long day,” Cohen told Bravo Insider in 2019. He also admitted that it has gotten more challenging for him to stay neutral over the years.

“I used to say absolutely nothing. Sometimes now people say I take sides, or I say too much, but I really try to let everyone’s voice be heard and try to mediate if I can,” he said.

There have been a couple of times that Cohen has lost his cool, too, like when he raised his voice during the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” season 12 reunion, telling the women to “shut up.”

Fans have noticed a shift in Cohen, too, as evidenced by the things that many have been discussing on the aforementioned Reddit thread.

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westmids 67
westmids 67
1 month ago

Andy loves the villain, he wrongly believes it keeps shows interesting, Erica and Jen shah should of been put on pause until any involvement with courts had finished. Rinna has bullied someone every year of her time on the show, ive always believed she was the one who gave the dog dump story to radar with Dorit and Teddys knowledge ,, Bring back LVP, and some new faces Stassi Lala and Joyce Giraud, who left because she too was bullied by the vile Brandi.

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