Andy Cohen Ripped for Post About Teresa Giudice’s Wedding

Andy Cohen.

Getty Images Andy Cohen reacted to Teresa Giudice's wedding.

Andy Cohen was not on-hand for Teresa Giudice’s wedding, and he has yet to wish the newlyweds well, but he did post about the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star’s hair — and some fans don’t think it was appropriate.

Shortly after wedding photos started surfacing online, people started talking about Giudice’s wedding look — specifically her hairstyle, which consisted of sky-high hair that was styled around a huge crown.

Cohen couldn’t help but post a reaction, of sorts, sharing a picture of Giudice that someone drew to his Instagram Stories. The artwork was done by Drunk Drawn and it was shared on the the artist’s Instagram page. Not only did the post receive more than 12,000 likes, but it also caught Cohen’s attention.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Artwork Exaggerated Giudice’s Wedding Hair

The artwork of Giudice’s wedding accentuated her big Jersey hair.

“‘Alexa, play Hair by Lady Gaga.’ We are SHOOK by the look, right? Teresa’s hairstylist woke up on the morning of August 6th and chose violence. Then the sinister gay put a crown on it! But, hey, Teresa pulled it off…? We only want the best for our numero uno table flippah. Louie, I’m watchin’ YOU, boy. Congrats to the happy couple! And it sounds like there was PLENTY of drama behind the scenes and you know me…I love mess!” read the post’s caption.

The comments section of the post quickly filled up with reactions, the vast majority of people loving the picture — and agreeing that Giudice’s hair was a lot to take in.

Indeed that was the point, of course. In an interview with Cohen on his SiriusXM radio show, the woman behind the hairdo said that Giudice wanted her hair to be “over the top.”

“Well, a we know, my girl Teresa is the queen of Jersey, so we needed hair that was fit for a queen. I mean, you know what we stand for in Jersey. You go big or you go home… Teresa said, ‘My hair has to be over the top,'” Casazza said.

Several Fans Didn’t Think Cohen Should Have Shared the Post

Shortly after Cohen reposted the artwork on his Instagram Stories, several fans took to Reddit to discuss both the picture — and Cohen’s decision to reshare it.

While many Redditors thought it was hilarious and realize that Cohen more than likely posted it in good fun, others felt that him posting it would upset Giudice and he shouldn’t have done so.

“I wonder what reaction it would receive if the roles were reversed. Even if it’s meant as an homage I don’t think your boss should be reposting any art that can be seen as ridiculing,” one person wrote.

“I’m very curious to what her reaction would be to him posting it. Especially since he didn’t post any congratulations or anything similar,” someone else added.

“Hurtful and mean of him to repost this IMO. If Tre felt beautiful, let her have it,” a third Redditor said.

“Shady,” a fourth comment read.

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Orissa Kruse
Orissa Kruse
1 month ago

Teresa wants to be Queen all of the time. The hair was not attractive. In fact it looks better in the art piece than in the photos.

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