Andy Cohen Shares Secrets About Melissa & Joe Gorga’s Marriage

NBCUMV Joe and Melissa Gorga

The latest season of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” has centered around various marital issues. The season began with Teresa Giudice spreading infidelity rumors about Jackie Goldschneider’s husband, Evan Goldschneider. The group eventually worked things out, but not all is well in Jersey.

Melissa and Joe Gorga’s marital issues have also come out this season. Joe and Melissa Gorga have been married since 2004, which means that they are nearing their 20th anniversary. The couple has three kids: Antonia, 15, Gino, 12, and Joey, 10.

Andy Cohen appeared on the “Wendy Williams Show” on April 20 where he shared his thoughts on the couple’s problems. “I’m very concerned about the status of the Gorga marriage,” Williams told Cohen. He agreed and gave his two cents.

“You know what I think that is, and I’ve talked to both of them about it,” Cohen told Williams. “I think he keeps saying, ‘you’re busy and you’re not around,’ and I think it’s the show. I think she has had so many opportunities as a result of the show and fame and he alludes to it, I think in this week’s episode even more, but I think it’s the red carpet thing, and going out, and there’s an Us magazine party, and there’s this, so I think that kinda played into this.”

Williams responded, “They always seemed like just such a wonderful couple…I’m 50/50 they might get a divorce. If I were Melissa, I wouldn’t give up the career for him.” Cohen shot back, “Right. I don’t know that he’s asking her to by the way…I love them as a couple, I do.”

Melissa Gorga Has Confessed to Having ‘Tension’ With Her Hubby

Melissa Gorga herself has admitted that their marriage has taken a toll over the many years on RHONJ. “Obviously Joe and I are bumping heads a lot this season,” she told E! News in February. :It’s been rough. It’s been a little rough.”

Gorga added, “I would say too with Joe and I it’s like we’ve been on reality TV for 11 years. I would say we’re doing a pretty damn good job. I mean we’ve been holding down the fort. We’re doing a good job and the last couple years have been a little tricky for us and we’re real about it. Even if we didn’t want to be real about it it’s just so obvious, there’s no denying it. You could read the room and feel the tension and we’ve been going through it a little bit.”

She echoed this sentiment during an interview with Us Weekly saying, “Whoever said marriage is easy is a liar. Joe and I have a beautiful thing because we both always wanted the same things in life: a successful, healthy family and [we make] sure everyone around us is happy. Our kids are our life, and they are the reason we work so hard, try so hard and fight so hard for our marriage.”

Cohen Dished About Another RHONJ Couple

The Gorgas weren’t the only couple Cohen spilled his thoughts on. Teresa Giudice has been romantically linked to her boyfriend, Luis “Louie” Ruelas since September.

“I did meet him, actually,” Cohen told Williams during the same appearance. “I saw your hot topics, you were reporting on the story that I read about too, I talked to her about it at the reunion, I might add.”

He added, “Here’s what you have to know. If you watch Jersey Housewives closely, Teresa said that she was looking for a man who would make love to her three times a day. She said it on the show, and so, if it is true that this man wants sex four times a day, this guy maybe is made for her. I mean, honestly. Who knows?”

According to a recent report from Page Six, Giudice’s new boyfriend may have a scandalous past, which is what Cohen and Williams were referencing during Cohen’s appearance on April 20. In court documents obtained by the publication, Ruelas’ ex-fiancée, a woman named Vanessa Reiser, claimed that Ruelas would “punish” her if she didn’t meet his sexual needs.

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