Andy Cohen Shuts Down Major ‘Real Housewives’ Rumor

Andy Cohen

Heavy/NBCUniversal Andy Cohen.

Andy Cohen cleared up a major rumor that has been floating around in the Real Housewives universe.

On the April 13, 2023 episode of “Radio Andy,” the Bravo host debunked rumors that a “Real Housewives of Las Vegas” is in the works — and he also shut down talk about other potential Housewives cities.

Here’s what you need to know:

Andy Cohen Said BravoCon’s 2023 Location Has Nothing to Do With a Potential Real Housewives Launch

Andy Cohen at BravoCon

BravoAndy Cohen at BravoCon

On his radio show, Cohen addressed fan excitement over the fact that BravoCon will take place in Nevada instead of New York this year. The fan fest will be held in Las Vegas from November 3 to November 5, according to

But the Bravo host said he wanted to set the record straight about something. “I just want to nip something in the bud right now because there is a rumor that is building online that I need to address so that we can move on,” Cohen said. “Because I know how this is gonna go. It’s gonna blossom and fester and snowball.”

“There is a train of thought that we will be announcing at BravoCon in Vegas ‘The Real Housewives of Las Vegas.’ And I am here to tell you we are not. No, we are not. There is no Housewives of Vegas. We are not announcing a Housewives of Vegas. So just stand down.”

Cohen went even further by declaring that no new Real Housewives franchises are in development as of now. The long-running reality franchise started in Orange County, California in 2006 and expanded into New York City, Atlanta,  New Jersey, D.C., Beverly Hills, Miami, Potomac, Dallas, Salt Lake City, and most recently, Dubai.

“I think we’re good,” Cohen said of the lineup of Real Housewives cities. “We’re not developing any.”

He noted that a  casting call for women in New Orleans was not initiated by Bravo. “I happen to know that there is a production company who we work with all the time who was just casting women in New Orleans to see if there was a show to be done in New Orleans,” he said. “I think they are pitching it to Bravo. This wasn’t Bravo seeking out.”

Cohen also noted that sometimes production companies will reach out to him with casting requests via direct message. “[They] are just fishing around, not even at the behest of Bravo, but just because they are looking for women and they’re going to bring them to Bravo and try to pitch Bravo on the idea,” he said.

BravoCon Will Celebrate Diehard Bravo Fans

Bravo stars at BravoCon

BravoBravo stars at BravoCon 2022

While a new Real Housewives franchise won’t be announced, BravoCon 2023 will feature plenty of other things for fans of the network. The 2022 fan fest attracted more than 30,000 fans in the Big Apple, per Variety. In addition to meet and greets, there were panels for shows such as “Vanderpump Rules,” “Southern Charm,” “Below Deck,” and various Real Housewives cities.

For 2023, the supersized fan event will be held over three days at Caesars Forum in Vegas. According to Page Six, Cohen’s Bravo Clubhouse will be set up in Las Vegas, where tapings for his late-night show will take place. The 2023 event marks the third-ever BravoCon. The first one took place in 2019, but the event was forced to go on hiatus due to the pandemic until 2022.

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